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Price Levels
  Banner Advertising Basic Sponsorship Sustaining Sponsorship
Banner Ad (see specs)
Dedicated Sponsor Page
GIF Animation (see specs)    
Performance Reports    
Exclusive Sponsorship No 1 page Unlimited Pages
Discount Price $30/year $50/year $500/year
Short-Run Price $10/mo. $5/mo x 12mos. $50/mo. x 12mos.
Number of Dedicated Pages 0 1 Unlimited
Maximum External Links 1 100 Unlimited
Maximum External Targets 1 5 Unlimited
Maximum Internal Links (CWIRE.COM) 1 Unlimited Unlimited

Banner Ads (minimum): $30/year. Up to 6 placements in established sections of CWIRE, replacing an existing CWIRE "filler" ad, space permitting. Depending on traffic levels, sections may hold up to 5 ads in rotation. (If a section has very low traffic, the CWIRE will balance the ratio to improve hit-counts.) (Prices and terms are negotiable.)

Item Charge Term  
Banner - Monthly $10.00 1 month (recurring)
Banner - Annual $100.00 12 months (1-time purchase. Save $20 off the monthly price.)


Basic Sponsorship: $50/year. Includes a one-year Banner Ad run (above), plus exclusive sponsorship of one CWIRE page (topic). Limit of one ad banner per page. Additional pages $20 each. Pages must conform to CWIRE standards, and may contain text hyperlinks any number of times to a maximum of *five* external links, and any number of links to other CWIRE pages. (Prices and terms are negotiable.)

Item Charge Term  
Basic Sponsorship
12 Monthly Payments
$5.00 1 month (billed monthly for 12 months
Basic Sponsorship
$50.00 12 months (1-time purchase)


Sustaining Sponsorship: $50/month (or $500/year). Includes Basic Sponsorship, plus exclusive sponsorship or "branding" of a whole section of CWIRE (negotiable). Guaranteed web traffic: you get web traffic, or you get your money back.

Item Charge Term  
Sustaining Sponsorship
12 Monthly Payments
$50.00 1 month (billed monthly for 12 months
Sustaining Sponsorship
$500.00 12 months (1-time purchase)


Community Wire needs your advertising support!

CWIRE.COM has been targeting the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena area for over ten years -- longer than any other website. We are privately owned and operated. We have no long-term debt, and no stockholders demanding a return on their investment. We only need a small amount of revenue to cover our expenses, which means we can offer bargain prices. But we do have expenses! Please give us a hand!


Dollar-for-dollar, CWIRE advertising beats the local newspapers, direct mail, even cable TV. Compared to other targeted advertising, CWIRE's everyday rates are a BARGAIN!

Your Satisfaction Is Guranteed

Give us a try. If you're not fully satisfied, we'll refund your money. We're that confident that you won't find a better value anywhere on the WWW. How's that for a guarantee?

Benefits of sponsorship

If your company or business association would like to partner with CWIRE to sell advertising in the Arroyo Verdugo, or San Fernando Valley, or Crescenta Valley, or San Gabriel Valley area, please contact Robert Marston, CWIRE's Publisher! Thanks!

Please contact CWIRE regarding "ad-swapping" (barter) deals and "cross-marketing" our publications to increase circulation.
--Robert Marston, Publisher

Google Ads

Now there's an alternative to direct sponsorship of CWIRE. You can place your ads onto CWIRE via Google. You pay Google in advance for the number of ad-exposures that you want, and your ad will appear on CWIRE. It's that simple. Go to the section in which you're interested in advertising, and look for the "Advertise on this site" link in any Google ad:

Place your ad on CWIRE

Google displays your ads to CWIRE readers, and Google pays CWIRE a commission for displaying your ads (and for referring you, the advertiser). Not a bad deal, eh?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many people will see our ads? (And how will we know?)

The number of ad-exposures depends on the placement of the ads, whether the ad is rotated among other ads, and the number of visitors to CWIRE.COM. If the ad is syndicated to CWIRE publishing affiliates along with CWIRE content, the potential exposure is much greater.

CWIRE uses state-of-the-art log analysis software by WebTrends to quantify and analyse our web traffic. The webserver keeps track of all visits to CWIRE.COM. CWIRE will report the results to you on a regular basis, or setup a password-protected webpage at which you will be able to check your ad portfolio, number of ad exposures, etc.

As of April 2002, CWIRE.COM was receiving over 18,000 separate visitors each month -- some of whom returned to the CWIRE.COM site often -- for a total of 25,000+ visits (250,000+ "hits") each month.

In late 2004, the number of unique visits averaged over 30,000, with over 45,000 page views/month on average.

Archives of CWIRE server logs are available to our advertisers for inspection and for independent audit.

Who will see our ads? (And how will we know?)

(See "How many people will see our ads?" above)

In general, you can target your ad messages to certain audiences by placing them in specific sections of CWIRE. We can help you to focus your ads on the best audiences, according to their interests and their geography.

There is indeed a limit to how much information that we will gather on CWIRE readers. We want to protect the privacy of our readers, so we do not track personal "identifying" information. But we can show you how -- with sophisticated response-forms and surveys -- to gather qualifying information from your ad respondents, to pre-qualify sales leads, and really make your ad campaign dollars work for you.

See "Promote Your Business on CWIRE!," below, for more information about creating your own custom marketing campaigns and promotions on CWIRE.


CWIRE is currently seeking underwriters and project sponsors to help support the charitable work Community Wire Service provides, and to improve CWIRE's content. Sponsors help to compensate student interns, to extend CWIRE's reach into the community, and to increase CWIRE's media exposure, thereby benefitting all the community organizations that use and rely upon CWIRE. CWIRE benefits over 400 local clubs and organizations, which represents tens-of-thousands of local households, or hundreds-of-thousands of individuals who live or work in the local area!

Your sponsorship dollars not only benefit the project of your choice, but they also benefit over 400 local clubs and organizations which use CWIRE.

See below for Sponsorship Levels. And while you're here on CWIRE, please take a look at this list of our current sponsors. We encourage you to look for people you know, contact them directly, to ask for their candid feedback about CWIRE.

Promote your business on CWIRE!

That's right -- we want you to take over a section of CWIRE and plaster your name (your company name) all over CWIRE! What's the catch? There is no catch! CWIRE volunteers will monitor your section to ensure its design quality, to ensure its appropriateness to CWIRE, and to ensure that your info is kept current/accurate.

To jump-in and take-over a section of CWIRE.COM, simply contact the editor of that section. (Look at the bottom of the page for a name/email address.)

CWIRE is always seeking more Contributing Editors to "homestead" sections of CWIRE (create a new section, "stake-a-claim" on an existing portion of CWIRE, and commit to improve, grow, develop, and exploit it). Please contact Robert Marston for more ideas, and explore this opportunity further.

Terms and Fees

Ad banners are permitted in all sections of CWIRE except for privately-produced non-commericial pages. Banners placed directly on the webpage of a nonprofit organization (limit one) are placed at the discretion of that nonprofit, and require a direct contribution to that organization (CWIRE recommends a minimum donation of $250/year). Payment terms are "cash-in-advance" unless otherwise stated. CWIRE reserves the right to refuse or cancel sponsorship at anytime without cause, in which case CWIRE will pay a full refund of the sponsorship.

Setup Charges: Advertiser/Sponsor is responsible for all artwork. There is no setup charge for banners which conform to CWIRE standards. Banners are to be supplied by email or downloadable via the web. Pricing for custom artwork or production assistance negotiated separately.

Banner Artwork: See the banner specifications, posted online. Banners are supplied by the sponsor. If required, CWIRE will produce a banner from camera-ready art or online-graphics supplied by the sponsor, in which case a one-time charge of $25 applies. GIF animations are allowed, but banners must not be larger than 10Kb.

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