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Richard Huxtable
Inter Island Design "Award-Winning Menu Designs"

Computerized Graphic Design & Website Development
  Richard Huxtable
Inter Island Design
31 Caprock Ct.
Glendale, CA 91206

Phone: (818)956-1845
Fax: (818)548-9621

Richard Huxtable's ourstanding restaurant menu designs have earn him statewide recognition three times from restaurant industry associations. His company, Inter Island Design, also provides computer graphics services to all kinds of businesses.

Richard is a native and current resident of Glendale, CA. After a devastating head injury in high school (1983), Rich moved to Avalon, California (Catalina Island) to convalesce, and also lived part of the year in Oahu, Hawaii.

Richard quickly surpassed the early expectations of his doctors, and began to regain his speech and his ability to walk. Today, his ongoing recovery is a remarkable testimony to the power of physical therapy, a sense of humor, and a will to improve. Although his golf game has suffered substantially, Richard's "handicap" has not prevented him from enjoying life and tackling new adventures.

His warm, outgoing personality and wry wit helped him to make friends in his new island homes. While recuperating and undergoing physical therapy, Richard enjoyed dining out in local restaurants, where he soon befriended restaurant owners and other patrons. Eventually he started a small computer graphics business from his home, called it Inter Island Design, and has had plenty of clients and referrals ever since.

Richard's strong work ethic, attention to detail, and good-natured tenacity have helped his business to flourish.

Photo of Richard Huxtable
[Richard Huxtable, Computer Graphics Designer]

He regularly attends Glendale Chamber of Commerce mixers and networking meetings, where he been a faithful WWWambassadortm (evangelist) for Community Wire to other local businesses.

Seizing the opportunity to publicize his computer graphics business in the local area -- and to build name-recognition and goodwill with prospective restaurant clients -- Richard "staked his claim" to the Local Dining Section of CWIRE. He is now "homesteading" that section by updating and expanding Restaurant Listings.

With his limited investment in CWIRE, Richard is helping to attract new readers to CWIRE.COM, introducing new potential sponsors to CWIRE, and creating new webpages on which CWIRE can post advertisements. The additional viewers and revenue helps CWIRE to continue its services to over 400 local nonprofit organizations.

Of course, Richard is also able to promote his own graphics business in the Local Dining Section, creating a dynamic online portfolio and a win-win business relationship.

Community Wire is very pleased and enthused to welcome Richard Huxtable/Inter Island Design as a regular contributor.

Please go out of your way to meet Richard and thank him for his ongoing contributions to CWIRE and to the community!

(Article by Robert Marston, CWIRE Editor/Founder)

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