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Hosted Sites:
Charities Which Rely on Community Wire Service
for their main (only) Internet Presence


CWIRE.COM provides a free web listing and, in some cases, custom homepages (independent websites) for the following organizations, free of charge:

  1. A Noise Within Classical Theatre
  2. Alumni Associations and Reunion Committees for local high schools
  3. American Business Women's Association (ABWA) - Verdugo Glen Chapter
  4. American Red Cross, Glendale-Crescenta Valley Chapter
  5. Bridge the Gap, Burbank
  6. Burbank Historical Society
  7. Burbank Human Relations Council
  8. Burbank Noon Lions
  9. Burbank Police Department
  10. Burbank Sunrise Rotary
  11. Burbank Temporary Aid Center
  12. California Parks Ministry (Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha District) (until 2001)
  13. Camp Fire Council of the Foothills (until Dec. 2001)
  14. Citizens United of Burbank
  15. Compassionate Friends Verdugo Hills Chapter
  16. Days of the Verdugos Association, Glendale
  17. Domestic Violence Project, YWCA of Glendale
  18. Elizabeth House, Pasadena
  19. Filipino-American Business Association of Glendale
  20. Glendale Association for the Retarded / Self-Aid Workshop
  21. Glendale Historical Society
  22. Glendale Homeowners Coordinating Council
  23. Glendale Jaycees
  24. Glendale Youth Coalition
  25. Gordon R. Howard Museum, Burbank
  26. Jewish Historical Society of Southern California
  27. Josyln Adult Center, Burbank
  28. Kiwanis (Cal-Nev-Ha Div. 3) (until 2001)
  29. Pasadena Historical Society
  30. Project Angel Interfaith Network
  31. Project Safe Place, Glendale
  32. Rotary Club of Burbank (Noon)
  33. Rotary Club of Glendale (Noon)
  34. RSVP: Retired & Senior Volunteer Program, Burbank
  35. Southern California Genealogical Society (until 1999)
  36. Tricentennial Foundation
  37. Verdugo Mental Health Center, Glendale
  38. Verdugo School to Career Coalition's newsletter, "LINK" (Burbank, Glendale, La Caņada)
  39. Village Church, Burbank
  40. YWCA of Glendale
  41. YWCA of Pasadena Foothills-Valley

These free services are made possible by the continued support of Contributors and Advertising Affiliates.

CWIRE relies on the organizations above -- and you, our readers -- for our publicity! So please link to our website, add/update free listings, and encourage others to use CWIRE!

To find out how to help publicize CWIRE.COM and help all of the above organizations, see CWIRE's helpful section "Do-It-Yourself" No-budget/Low-budget PR.

Please contact the CWIRE Wolunteers for more information.

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