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The Arroyo Verdugo Cities

The cities which inspired Community Wire, and why we focus on them.

How to use the Community Wire Service
For those who already have a webpage on CWIRE, and those who are considering taking advantage of CWIRE, we've begun to compile a list of ways to use CWIRE to get the most out of it. You'll find that most of these strategies are very easy -- and best of all -- FREE!

Who pays for all this?
Local businesses support CWIRE through the sale of banner ads and the sponsorship of specific pages or entire sections of CWIRE. CWIRE also subscribes to affiliate marketing programs.

Community Wire is privately-owned by Robert Marston and operated as a co-op with various volunteer/contributors.

Over the years, CWIRE has received in-kind donations of everything from office furniture, to computers, to artwork and printing. These are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions because CWIRE is not a tax-exempt charity; however, commercial sponsorship of CWIRE should be deductible as "business promotion" expense. (Consult your tax advisor.)

CWIRE is still looking for a fiscal agency which will handle all donations to CWIRE and expenditures (and earn an administrative fee). Please contact CWIRE if you know of a nonprofit agency that might be interested in "taking over" CWIRE.

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CWIRE supports local charities by 1) helping them to create and promote
independent websites, 2) promoting their events, 3) syndicating their newsletters and
press releases, and 4) recruiting volunteers and donors in the nearby Los Angeles area.
Please support CWIRE by advertising with us (or supporting those who do), by referring
new merchants, by sending us information to post, and by telling others about CWIRE.
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