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Armenian Radio
Visit the Official Homepage: www.armenianradio.com

  Armenian Radio
P. O. Box 1365
Burbank, CA 91507

Phone: ?
Fax: ?
Email: contact@armenianradio.com

The Station

Armenian radio is exciting, topical, and entertaining. It is also very real and very human. We are witnessing a fast growing audience from around the world and we feel responsible to satisfy different tastes. To meet this end we stretch the limits with creative and innovative ideas. We try to fill the void for every Diaspora individual who wants to be in touch with authentic and contemporary Armenian music
See the homepage for more info
[Visit the Official Homepage]

The Music

Armenian radio can best be described as a Mainstream Armenian Contemporary station. Non-authentic extremes are avoided. We are culturally aware, entertaining, and hopefully interesting. We play mostly folk music as well as classical and children's music. Good taste is our standard.
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