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An independent, privately-operated community guide and information service for the San Gabriel and San Fernando Valleys.

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Community Wire Service is maintained by General Editor Robert Marston with the help of several volunteer refpage Editors. Contact Robert using the above form or look for contact information for a specific media agency in our listing.

CWIRE tries to provide complete contact information for all the media agencies in our local area both for our volunteers and as a public service to our community.

Wherever possible, CWIRE provides hyperlinks to the websites or email addresses of local media companies. If it's not listed, we do not have the information yet. Please use this form to update our information, to provide us with additiaonl information, or to suggest other information that should be listed here. Thanks!

CWIRE supports local charities by 1) helping them to create and promote
independent websites, 2) promoting their events, 3) syndicating their newsletters and
press releases, and 4) recruiting volunteers and donors in the nearby Los Angeles area.
Please support CWIRE by advertising with us (or supporting those who do), by referring
new merchants, by sending us information to post, and by telling others about CWIRE.
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