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The Cost of Denial

The Cost of Denial
A Call to Action

From a 1995 publication by The Youth Task Force
(League of California Cities)
What can you do in your community to make a difference?

You can pay now or you can pay later. The choice is yours. What we've been doing for the last 20 years is extremely expensive and isn't working! It is time for a new approach!

Think about some of these ideas for your community...

  • Develop a community-wide master plan for youth that integrates a strategy with a commitment from parents, schools, churches, law enforcement, and your oriented programs.
  • Begin a program for young teens that offers an alternative to joining a gang.
  • Start parent education programs in conjunction with your schools, church groups or other community groups.
  • Encourage your city or county to provide drug and gang education in the local elementary schools.
  • Identify potential at-risk children in elementary schools and develop intervention programs to assist them and their parents in becoming productive, successful young adults.
  • Develop a strong, working relationship with your children's teachers and counselors to prevent negative behaviors before they become an issue.
As a community, it is vital that we understand that children are everyone's responsibility. As decision and policy makers, we are the leaders of the revolution. If we are not working towards early prevention and intervention strategies, who will? We must lead the way and demonstrate to our communities that programs which provide an investment in youth cost only pennies in comparison to long term incarceration dollars.

For additional assistance, contact the League of California Cities at (916) 658-8200 for the "Youth Development Planning Guide." Or, contact the National League of Cities at (202) 626-3000 for the "Rethinking Public Safety" 1994 Futures Report.


From "The Cost of Denial," a publication of the Youth Task Force of the League of California Cities, 1995. Available in hardcopy by ordering online from the CityLink 2000 website.

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Source: "The Cost of Denial" Fact Sheet, The Youth Task Force of the League of California Cities, 1995; Eileen Givens, Glendale Youth Coalition; Ray Cruz, (Former) Asst. City Mgr., City of Glendale

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