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The Cost of Denial

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The Cost of Denial
One Day of Child Violence in America

From a 1995 publication by The Youth Task Force
(League of California Cities)
  • 9 children are murdered.
  • 13 children die from gunshots,
  • 30 children are wounded by guns.
  • 307 children are arrested for drimes of violence.
  • 5,314 children are arrested for all offenses.
  • 270,000 guns are carried to school.
  • 1,200,000 "latchkey children" come home to a house in which there is a gun, but no parent

(Source: California Lawyer Magazine, Aug. 1994)

    Estimated cost of operating the 28 existing prisons, including debt service, 1984-1994: $20 billion

    In the United States, children are killing children. 80% of the crimes committed in California are committed by those between 13 and 24.

    Victims of crime are also young -- primarily between the ages of 12 and 24.

    Arrests (and incarcerations) for serious crimes are also highest amongst the young. More young people between the ages of 10 and 20 are asrrested than in any other age group.


    Number of prisons planned for construction prior to passage of "Three Strikes, You're Out": 12 (at 180 percent capacity, the current norm).

    Estimated cost: $3-$4 billion.

    Estimated number of prisoners incarcerated because of "Three Strikes" by the year 2000: 75,000

    Estimated number of new prisons needed by 2003: 41

    Estimated minimum annual cost of operating all 81 prisons in 2003: $5.6 billion

    BY THE YEAR 2003:

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From "The Cost of Denial," a publication of the Youth Task Force of the League of California Cities, 1995. Available in hardcopy by ordering online from the CityLink 2000 website.

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Source: "The Cost of Denial" Fact Sheet, The Youth Task Force of the League of California Cities, 1995; Eileen Givens, Glendale Youth Coalition; Ray Cruz, (Former) Asst. City Mgr., City of Glendale

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