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The Cost of Denial

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The Cost of Denial
The Rising Bubble

From a 1995 publication by The Youth Task Force
(League of California Cities)
Ten years from now (2005), demographers predict that when a new population of male teenagers, 25% larger than today's, is loose in our communities, without education, employment, intact families, or hope, governments will be called upon to make painful decisions. This rising bubble on the population chart, will be in their teens, and the potential for violent crime will jump accordingly.

They're coming, and if we don't start investing now in their behalf, we'll have higher than ever costs for prisons and law enforcement in 10 years, when it is projected that we will have 340,000 in jail in California. This is a 20 fold increase over 1980.

We must face up to the fact that what we've been doing is costing significant amounts of money and it isn't working.

It takes courage to admit that the track we've been on for the last 20 years has resulted in more crime, more criminals and more prisons. But it's going to take more than courage to change this course of denial. It's going to take a revolution.


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From "The Cost of Denial," a publication of the Youth Task Force of the League of California Cities, 1995. Available in hardcopy by ordering online from the CityLink 2000 website.

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Source: "The Cost of Denial" Fact Sheet, The Youth Task Force of the League of California Cities, 1995; Eileen Givens, Glendale Youth Coalition; Ray Cruz, (Former) Asst. City Mgr., City of Glendale

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