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FYI: For Your Information
PR (Public Relations) and Publicity

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Make Public Relations a Priority
From an article by Deidra-Ann Parrish, VAR Business Insider Jan. 19, 1998

"It's too expensive."
"We're not sophisticated enough for that yet."
"It's just sending a bunch of stuff to people to tell them how great you are."
"There's no way to cost justify it."
Four VARs. Four opinions. Four fallacies.

Creative Publicity Ideas Pay Off
An article by Marcia Yudkin, Ph.D., from Compuserve PRSIG forum, circa 1992

The "earned media" concept was original idea behind Community Wire Service back in 1992, which pre-dated the CWIRE.COM website. Publicizing articles/events on behalf of charities
via a telephone hotline and fax-back service led to publishing webpages and other creative community service projects... which evolved into a "community network." Eventually the effort to promote a one-man computer consulting business turned into a community website with a handful of employees, hundreds of volunteers, tens of thousands of web pages, and many millions of "page views" over the past several years. The concept still holds true today: blogs are just as powerful as traditional media. Now -- more than ever --creative ideas can cause a world-wide sensation, whether for profit or for a good cause (or both!). --RM, CWIRE Editor

Press Releases and how to use them to increase traffic
From Kathy Gold's Digital Gold Newsletter, Dec. 4, 1997

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