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FYI: Philanthropy


Don't waste your charitable donations! Be shrewd, be informed, be careful. Sadly, much of the money "given to charity" doesn't go to where you might think it does. Please see these special links in regard to:

  • Victims of Terrorism and New York City Relief
  • Volunteering from the office, home, or classroom
  • This section for donors and volunteers is maintained by Robert Marston.

    Note to local charities and volunteers: low-cost computer classes are offered at Clark Technology Magnet High School in La Crescenta through the ROP program of Glendale Unified School District.

    CWIRE is a resource for local charities to use for fund-raising and for networking with each other! Helping local charities to raise money -- money from within the community and from outside sources -- is just plain smart! CWIRE needs your help to be effective! Please email your articles, editorials, and events to CWIRE for syndication.

    Please also see these sections:


    Other links:

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    CWIRE supports local charities by 1) helping them to create and promote
    independent websites, 2) promoting their events, 3) syndicating their newsletters and
    press releases, and 4) recruiting volunteers and donors in the nearby Los Angeles area.
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