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Robert Marston

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  FYI: Web-Building for Beginners
An Introduction


by Robert Marston

Warning: these pages are not intended to be used as an example of "good design." But hopefully, the information in them will prove to be helpful to you and to many people.

Many folks want to help me create web pages for CWIRE.COM, but don't know where to start. Some lack technical skills. Others have the skills, but no tools. Others have the technical skills and the right tools, but have not yet discovered how to use them to get the results they want.

Often, things that are worthwhile are not easy. Knowledge, skill, and experience don't come easily: they usually require a lot of time or effort, or both. If there is a shortcut to becoming "wise," I'd love to know about it.

I would like to help you to create good webpages and post them here on CWIRE! Boy, would I! If I could quickly and simply hand you the necessary information, instructions, skills, experience, etc., I would!

It would be great to offer one-on-one tutoring and classes on various topics. Videos and computer-based training would be great, too. But good teachers, curriculum, classrooms, etc., usually cost a lot of money.

I would like to provide the information via the world-wide web, which is cheap. The WWW is ideal for delivering self-paced orientation and instruction. There are many good resources posted on the web, but there is also a lot of "junk" or "noise" which could waste your time or take you down the wrong path. (Have you ever been on vacation and someone offered a "free" gift just for listening to a "brief presentation" about time shares or what-not? If so, you know what I mean.)

With all of the wonderful "tutorials" and "tips & tricks" sites out there on the web (and there are a TON of them), I had a hard time finding a simple and informative site that is specifically geared toward beginners. The so-called "state-of-the-art" instructional sites tend to focus on the "technology of the day" instead of the classic fundamentals.

I wanted a "hand-holding site" to which I could point a novice and just say "read this before you get started." Until I find that site, this site will be where I send "first-timers."

If you can suggest a new link to add to this site, or even suggest a better site for "newbies," please notify the Wolunteers. Thanks!

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