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  FYI: Web-Building for Beginners
Audience: Who Should Use These Resources


by Robert Marston

This list of resources will be useful and entertaining to you if:

  1. you are just getting started at this webpage-building stuff, or…
  2. you have been building webpages for a while but want to "brush-up" or to improve your knowledge/skills, or…
  3. you are a teacher or curriculum specialist looking for written material from which you can design a "Beginners Course in Webpage Design," or…
  4. you are a teacher looking for a good "web resource" to refer your students, or…
  5. you are an employer/manager in charge of a team of web developers, or…
  6. you are a phlianthropist or grant-making institution seeking tools/resources which will help to "bridge the digital divide" (eh-hem -- please excuse me for this shameless attempt at self-promotion), or…
  7. you are an author (or aspiring author) seeking to publish a book or video on "basic concepts and strategies of good web-building" (Please use this page, and quote me!), or…
  8. you need to learn HTML quickly at your job (or to land a better job) or…
  9. you are a CWIRE WWWolunteer seeking to build webpages here on CWIRE.COM (or on other websites) either for fun, or for charity, or for profit, or…
  10. you serve on a website "Design Review Board" or you are seeking to establish design standards for your website, or …
  11. you operate a community network (i.e. Community Wire Service) and you are seeking to recruit/train lots of web-designers quickly
  12. you are a web expert who has already published articles on this subject, and you're looking for ways to syndicate your articles and promote your website, or…
  13. you are a web expert and you'd like to write articles on the subject but you don't want the hassle of maintaining and publicizing them, or…
  14. you are a professional web developer with a client who wants you to do something silly, and you're looking for a tactful way to convince them otherwise, or …
  15. you are a professional web developer looking for a website which you could easily "homestead" (take-over, assume control, improve, add value, etc.) for the sake of promoting your firm

If any of these describe you, you will likely want to bookmark and use this website. Or you might want to link to it from your website, or pass this URL along to others (thanks!).

Now, about those resources ...

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