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The Wolunteers (tm) have been producing content for Community Wire Service since 1996.

As of Summer 2001, Wolunteers have produced over 5,000 webpages on behalf of CWIRE and over 400 local nonprofit organizations.

Having built a large readership without financial support, CWIRE is changing its business model. Moving away from the free "regional portal website" model, CWIRE is moving back to its roots as a "wire service" (in WWW terms, a "Content Provider" and "Application Service Provider").

CWIRE now provides web content to a syndicate of independent websites on a fee basis, and supports local charities by promoting their events, distributing their newsletters and and press releases, and recruiting volunteers & donors in the nearby Los Angeles area.


FYI: Philanthropy in the Arroyo Verdugos
Results-Oriented Philanthropy Attracts Donors
In the aftermath of 9/11, and the huge out-pouring of charitable giving towards the victims, their families, and the re-building of New York City, this article from the CWIRE archives -- originally posted in 1998 -- takes on new significance.
(Source: Philanthropy News Digest, Dec. 17, 1997)

  George Soros's recent $4.5 million gift to the Robin Hood Foundation, a charity created by Wall Street investor Paul Tudor Jones to help the poor of New York City, is indicative of a trend toward results-oriented philanthropy, say many in the nonprofit field.

Robin Hood's staff of MBAs and accountants seek to measure philanthropic outcomes much the same way they might measure profits. If the foundation gives money to a school, for example, it tries to calculate how many kids are performing better as a result of the donation. Programs that don't perform well are dropped.

"We perform due diligence on our projects that you can compare with that of the best investment houses," says the foundation's executive director, David Saltzman. "We have a venture capital attitude toward charity."

And it's working, at least in the sense that Robin Hood-style charities are attracting donors. Since its founding 10 years ago, Robin Hood itself has pulled in more money each year than in the previous year.

"For the past five years this has been happening all across the country," says Emmett Carson, head of the Minneapolis Foundation. "Donors are demanding to see hard results."

Lewis, Michael. "Heartless Donors: George Soros and Other Big Givers Have Ushered in the 'Tough Love' Era of Charity." "The Capitalist." New York Times Magazine 12/14/97, p. 46-47.

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Source:Philanthropy News Digest, Dec. 17, 1997

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