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Volunteer Opportunity
Glendale Adventist Medical Center

Looking for exercise?

Get your daily walking exercise in a safe environment, and perform a valuable service at the same time! Way Finders are volunteers who guide and escort patients, families, and other visitors to various areas within the medical center campus.

Contact Liz or Renee in Volunteer and Senior Resources at 818-409-8057 to schedule an interview and orientation.
(posted Nov. 2002)

Interviews with Glendale Oldtimers (Celebrating Glendale's 90th Birthday, 1996)

Sara Louise (Coney) Bisbey -- Reminiscently Speaking, interviewed by Colleen Khachatourians (Mar '96)
Mary Commisso -- interviewed by Eva Solomon (Mar '96)
Wheeler Doll -- Nonagenarian Yets Remembers, an interview by Monica Buhler (Mar '96)
Tim Nichols -- interviewed by Summer Block (Mar '96)
Barbara Larsen -- interviewed by Janny Chang (Mar '96)
Genevieve Sultenfuss -- interviewed by Nishka Chandrasoma (Mar '96)

Images of Glendale 1906-2006

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Photos by Rik Middleton
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