Here are 146 more photos of old Glendale for your use and enjoyment: we need your help in identifying and documenting these photos. This is an ongoing project which started in March 1996: "Glendale's 90th Birthday." We've since started to catalog these photos using databases.

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Most of these photos date from the turn of the century; however, some are from the ribbon-cutting on the construction of the 134 and 2 freeways in the 1960's and 70's. Much is known about these photos already, and this information will be posted next to each photo soon. (The structure of this section will change, too.)

Click on the "thumbnail" of each photo to see a larger version, then use the BACK button on your browser (or your right mouse button) to go back to the list of thumbnails.

These photos will eventually be categorized by date, subject matter, etc.

In the meantime, please join in the fun! Dust-off your old photo albums, scan those fading old photos. Don't be shy: share your old photos! We're interested in photos from 1900 to the present. Old yearbooks are great, family pictures, school classrooms, community activities. Even if you don't remember the people in the photos, chances are good that someone else will! And besides, it's all for a good cause:

  • To share the rich history of our community with current and future generations
  • To rediscover lessons from our history
  • To remember those things which have made our community great
  • To create dialog about Glendale's successes and failures
  • To fill current Glendale residents with civic pride

We realize that most of your old photos are delicate and precious. We do not want to be responsible for them, so please don't mail any photos to CWIRE if you want them back!

Photo negatives are still difficult for us to handle. If you have a scanner which is capable of handling negatives (or would be willing to create positive proofs for us) please let us know!

All of the photos in the first 15 batches are from the estate of the late Elwood Ingledue, and are presented here with the kind permission of his son, Ron Ingledue, also of Glendale. Elwood Ingledue was a professional publisher and avid photographer. He ran the Glendale Hotel for many years, and eventually started the world-famous Hotel Index, and later the Golf Index.

Mr. Ingledue was a longtime member of the Kiwanis Club of Glendale and the Old Settlers. As a successful hotel executive and publisher, Mr. Ingledue took many photos of buildings and streets over the years, and used his photography skills to record and archive many photos for charitable purposes. The origins of most of these photos and their owners are yet unknown to CWIRE. We do know that many of them were photographed directly from the pages of books -- many of these books may not exist anymore.

What you are looking at here is the "messy backstage" of a large community-wide group production! Please be patient, but don't be shy! If you get involved it might be a lot of work, but it will be fun!

  Please contact CWIRE if you:

  • would like to help organize and identify these and other photos
  • have a collection of photos that you would like to share
  • recognize one of these photos as your own
  • recognize one of these photos from another source
  • recognize the subject of a particular photo
  • notice similarities between photos
  • notice something unique about a photo
  • notice an identification error or misspelling

In the meantime, if you recognize a person or building in a particular photo, or have any other comments about a photo, please don't hesitate to contact the Glendale Photo Editor at CWIRE.

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