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Deukmejian Wilderness Park Trails


Dunsmore Canyon Trail
0.9 miles
1,448 meters
705 ft. elevation change

Hikers, mountain bicyclists, and equestrians will enjoy this trail. The trail parallels Dunsmore Canyon Stream and has gentle grades that are ideal for the first time trail user. The enjoyment of a wilderness experience will lure you back to this area. The trail is shared with the Los Angeles County Flood Control District which maintains the stream bed and a series of weirs controlling the flow of water and sediment in Dunsmore Canyon

Rim of the Valley Trail
1.6 miles
2,662 meters
1,195 ft. elevation change

For the experienced hiker and mountain bicyclist. (Equestrians not permitted). This trail links Glendale with the Rim of the Valley Trail system at Haynes Canyon Road. Starting with gentle grades and becoming very steep in several locations, the trail becomes more difficult as you travel north. The trail passes through the picturesque Cooks Canyon Stream bed for several hundred feet with its year round running water and lush native plants. As you ascend Cooks Canyon you cross four narrow foot bridges spanning deep ravines. This trail features the most spectacular views of the San Fernando Valley.

Le Mesnager Loop Trail
1.4 miles
2,253 meters
420 ft. elevation change

Hikers, mountain bicyclists, and equestrians will find this trail more challenging. The grades are steeper and the trail width is narrower than the Dunsmore Canyon Trail as it winds through the native chaparral and leads to the LeMesnager and Cooks Canyon Lookouts.

Le Mesnager Lookout Trail
50 yards
46 meters
15 ft. elevation change

Spectacular view of Glendale, the Los Angeles Basin and San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys. On a clear day you can see Catalina Island.

Cooks Canyon Lookout Trail
265 yards
242 meters
55 ft. elevation change

The lookout sits on a knoll allowing you to view the flora and fauna of the mountains. You will enjoy the serenity of this peaceful area tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Source: City of Glendale Parks and Recreation Department brochure.

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