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  Local Organizations Directory
Crescenta Valley
Chamber of Commerce

Visit the official homepage:

  Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce
3131 Foothill Blvd., Suite D
La Crescenta, CA

Contact: Jean Mallucio, Exec. Dir.
Phone: (818)248-4957
Fax: (818)248-9625


"Our strength comes from our members, and with an ever expanding grassroots base, we can make an impact in the issues facing the Crescenta Valley. "

"The Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce is committed to the economic health and well being of the community through the free enterprise system, which supports all aspects of our community. "

"The Youth Ambassador Program which was implemented in 1993, involves the young people in various projects within our community and has helped to instill a sense of pride for them to be an active part of keeping Crescenta Valley a clean and safe place to live and work. "

[Visit the Official Homepage]

"We have a variety of successful programs such as the Family Festival Fouth of July Fireworks at Crescenta Valley High School, Casino Night, Holiday Teas, Honorary Mayor's Prayer Breakfast, Smart-a-Thon, Tri-Chamber Golf Tournament and monthly mixers have raised money to benefit various groups in the community. "

"All of this makes the Chamber a more integral part of the community and we hope you will consider joining us in our effort to work together for a better Crescenta Valley."

"Please feel free to stop in and visit us at any time. We offer a variety of informational brochures and maps of the Crescenta Valley. "

"We encourage you to join the Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce because you are important to us and to our outstanding community. "

--excerpt from '96 Chamber literature

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