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  CWIRE is a community network which provides many free services to schools, churches, service clubs, and other charities in the Arroyo Verdugo community. This article spells out how everyone may best take advantage of the services which are freely available on CWIRE. Look for new articles in the near future detailing other ways you might use CWIRE. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Lots of people read CWIRE each day. Wouldn't it be great if all of them dropped-by your website, too?

There is a lot you can do right now to attract CWIRE readers to any particular internet webpage at no cost whatsoever (Yes, even you!). In fact, most of them do not require access to the internet! Whether you are a volunteer for a local charity, a small business owner, or corporate executive, the following strategies will work very well for you, and they will benefit CWIRE at the same time.

The following is a brief list of ways to "grab hits" from CWIRE. All of these can be done quickly and without a cash investment (with a little coaching, perhaps):

Write Articles
You can put your ideas onto CWIRE in the form of a letter or article and sign your name to it (and include as many external hyperlinks as you like).

Post Clippings
You submit an article to CWIRE that came from another source (provided that the author/publisher has given you permission to republish it). This might be faster/easier than writing your own article. You can make a strong argument with very little typing just by posting a sentence or two and then linking to an article that already exists at your site (or elsewhere). If appropriate, you can grab the entire text of an article and send it to CWIRE to be posted in your name. (eg. This report has been brought to you by [insert your name/organization here]).

Start a New Section of CWIRE
If you are very ambitious, and want to post many articles on a particular topic, you might want to "sponsor" an entirely new section of your own. Becoming a "Contributing Editor" could involve lots of additional work on your part, but not always. We will be happy to discuss the pros and cons with you personally. Having your own section just might deliver the best results for your investment of time and effort.

Make Your Own "Banners" and "Buttons"
You can make CWIRE Readers "stop in their tracks" with a good ad banner. It doesn't take a lot of artistic skill to come up with an attractive ad banner (or button). All it takes is the right software and a bit of practice. Remember: even the "best-looking" ads don't always do as well as expected. You just have to make a good, consistent effort -- and then continue trying to improve on it. Why not have a high school intern whip-up several banners for you and see which ones work best? Don't let the lack of dollars prevent your nonprofit organization from taking full advantage of CWIRE. We've already bankrolled CWIRE -- now all we need is community participation!

Use "Found Art" to Promote Your Organization
It's easy to find unique artwork and images to promote your business. Your business card, a photo of yourself or your office, a photo of your handiwork, etc. With their permission, you can use photos of your employees, customers, or volunteers. Be careful: usually you cannot use a "published" (professional) photo without the permission of the photographer and/or publisher. This is a sample of how a snippet of an image can be used as an eye-catching 'banner'You can decorate entire sections of CWIRE with your artwork/graphics and create multiple links to your website. Here's an example: can you guess where this image came from?

Post "Favorite Quotes"
CWIRE has a section dedicated to favorite quotations which you can use for free advertising/promotion ( You can put your *own* words onto CWIRE (i.e. a joke, quote yourself, quote someone in a newspaper article, quote someone that validates your ideas or endorses your candidacy, or quote a famous person (for the sake of your business or charity fundraiser). With every quote you post on CWIRE, you can create several hyperlinks:

  1. the email & website of the person that submitted the quote,
  2. the email & website of the person being quoted, or
  3. the email & website of the organization (special interest group) to which the quote relates.
CWIRE archives all the quotes into one document (like a guestbook). This makes an interesting and useful resource from which the local community may draw. So send us a quote!

There are, of course, many other ways to use CWIRE which involve raising/spending money. Look for more articles in the near future. Please send us other suggestions, and start using CWIRE to your advantage today!

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