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How to Use the
Community Wire Service


Part I.    The Community Wire Service Model
     A.  What is a Community "Wire Service"?
     B.  How does CWIRE differ from other online 
     C.  What services does CWIRE provide?
     D.  How is Community Wire funded?
     E.  How does Community Wire work with 
         other community organizations?
     F.  Who is involved with Community Wire?
     G.  Who benefits most from Community Wire?
Part II.   Getting free web-publicity
     A.  Charitable / Non-Commercial Agencies
     B.  Businesses
     C.  Individuals (Hobbyists, WWWolunteers)
Part III.  Making Money on the Internet
     A.  Capturing Revenue
     B.  Advertising Your Business
     C.  Examples of Traditional Businesses
     D.  Examples of WWW Start-Ups
Part IV.   Special WWW Promotions
     A.  Historical Photos
     B.  Favorite Quotations
     C.  Family-Oriented Programming
Part V.    Information for Computer-Folk
     A.  Computer Professionals
     B.  Computer Students
     C.  Computer Hobbyists

If you would like to contribute an article to be posted here, please contact Robert Marston, Publisher.

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