Business in the Arroyo Verdugos
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      Local Business
    Internet-Related Services
    serving the greater Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena area (Los Angeles)

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    This listing is intended to be a comprehensive listing of all Internet-related services in the Arroyo Verdugo cities, commericial and otherwise. This is a free listing: please be sure your company or service is listed. And please help us to correct any errors or omissions.

    CWIRE posts this list -- and we try our best to keep this information current -- for our own benefit. You are welcome to add to it or share it with others. We believe in supporting local businesses whenever possible, and in promoting the use of the Internet among local businesses.

    Please tell these companies that you found them on CWIRE!

    Internet Service Providers
    (ISPs, access providers, hosting services)

  • Domain Name Registrations $20/year
  • host your own website for as little as $5/mo.
  • Fast Orange 125 x125
    Or refer to the "The List" on Internet.Com for Internet Service Providers:
    [Area Code 213][Area Code 323][Area Code 818][Area Code 626]
    Graphics & Design

    CWIRE Sponsors:
    Robert Marston - Glendale

    BIC -- Pasadena
    CyBird -- Pasadena
    Dogfish Media -- Burbank
    Global Web Strategies -- Pasadena
    Grant & Associates Web Service -- Burbank
    Envision -- Burbank
    Finch Computer Services -- Glendale
    Freepath Digital Frontiers - Pasadena
    Hillquist Design -- Montrose
    Hilltop Technologies -- Pasadena
    Hummingbird Software -- Pasadena
    Internet Design Line -- Montrose
    Interpage Webpage Design -- Burbank
    Key Connections, Inc. -- Glendale
    Len Williams Design -- Glendale
    New World Graphics -- Pasadena
    New Creations Web Design -- Pasadena
    Odegard Labs, Inc. -- Pasadena
    Outwest Network Services -- Glendale
    Pixelsmiths -- Glendale
    Plexus WebDesign -- Pasadena
    Rainbow Technology -- Burbank
    RAM Internet Consulting -- Pasadena
    Scott Wimer Script Developer -- Pasadena
    SplitInfinity Web Development -- Burbank
    Spotworks -- South Pasadena
    Steve Stout -- Glendale
    Steven Huntley -- Burbank
    The Artwave Group -- Burbank
    Turo Interactive Technologies -- Burbank
    WebMetro -- Pasadena
    WebPromos.Net -- La Crescenta
    World Wide Web Builders -- Pasadena
    Xenoworks -- Glendale

    [Please update this free listing]



    Webpages, Programming, & Other Services

    CWIRE Sponsors:

    Robert Marston - Glendale

    Dependable Computer Guys -- Montrose
    Finch Computer Services -- Glendale
    Freepath Digital Frontiers - Pasadena
    Grant & Associates Web Service -- Burbank
    Key Connections, Inc. -- Glendale
    Kiwanis Club of Crescenta Valley Technology -- La Crescenta
    NSM Enterprise -- Glendale
    Professional Software Systems -- Glendale
    WebMetro -- Pasadena (Retail Center: video conferencing, web terminals, training)
    Turo Interactive Technologies -- Burbank
    Yoken Enterprises -- Glendale

    [Please update this free listing]



    Computer Sales, Consulting, Repair & Maintenance

    ComputerWorks -- Glendale
    Dependable Computer Guys -- Montrose
    Finch Computer Services -- Glendale
    Outwest Network Services -- Glendale
    Professional Software Systems -- Glendale
    Technology Systems 2000 -- Glendale
    WebMetro -- Pasadena

    [Please update this free listing]



    Guides, Directories, & Listings

    The Community Wire Service Publishing Affiliates

    La Crescenta (Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce)
    Northeast Los Angeles (NELAnet)
    NW Pasadena (Urban Onramps)
    Montrose (CWIRE)
    Burbank (CWIRE)

    CWIRE is seeking publishing affiliates for these communities:
    Burbank, Glendale, La Caņada Flintridge, La Crescenta, Montrose, Northeast Los Angeles, P
    asadena, South Pasadena, Sunland-Tujunga
    ...and other communities in the San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, and County of Los Angeles

    Online Business Directories
    Burbank Online by Grant & Assoc. -- Burbank
    Glendale Community Directory by the City of Glendale
    Pasadena Business Directory ( (*spammer)

    See also "Other WWW Resources for the Arroyo Verdugos"


    [Please update this free listing]


    Internet Facilities & Public Terminals

    • C&C Internet Cafe, 101 N. Brand Blvd. 818-548-3400, Glendale (update this listing)
    • Mega201PC, Montrose (update this listing)
    • Mega201PC, Tujunga (update this listing)
    • Public Libraries - many public libraries provide free Internet access
    • Uratu Coffee, Glendale - free DSL for laptop owners
    • Please tell us about any public Internet facilities that you know of in the San Fernando or San Gabriel Valleys, Northeast Los Angeles, or Downton L.A. Thanks.

    [Please update this free listing]

    DISCLAIMER: This listing is a free volunteer effort, and is drawn from the best information in our possession at the time it was posted. We welcome your additions and/or corrections. Inclusion on this page does not indicate "sponsorship" of CWIRE, nor does it represent an endorsement by either CWIRE or our sponsors. CWIRE cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Please send any additions or corrections to the CWIRE Business Editor and allow 1 week for corrections to appear before calling by phone.

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