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Why Your Company Should Sponsor CWIRE


Because it's good for your business, plain and simple! If you already have an investment in the World Wide Web, CWIRE will help it pay-off quickly! If you are not already active on the World Wide Web, CWIRE will give you a big head start!

Benefits of Sponsorship

Help a Local Club of Organization

Do you have a favorite charity? Do you want to advance them and their causes? So do we! CWIRE collaborates with local charities to grow, to attract visitors to our website, and to keep our content fresh and interesting. Your investment in CWIRE will be pooled with those of many other companies to help your favorite organization to reach the local community, raise funds, recruit volunteers, and/or educate the public. You can earmark your sponsorship to benefit certain causes or certain organizations. Note: you can also provide technical resources, articles for their newsletter, or Internet access directly to a local charity so that they are equipped to take advantage of CWIRE.

Recognition for Your Company

If you are willing to help your favorite local charity to take advantage of the World Wide Web, then you deserve recognition. For each page (organization) that you sponsor, your company will receive special recognition on CWIRE for one full year!* Recognition on CWIRE includes a company logo and listing on the CWIRE Sponsor page, along with hyperlinks througout CWIRE to a page dedicated exclusively to your company (your "CWIRE Homepage").

A Homepage on CWIRE

If your company does not already have a homepage, your CWIRE Homepage will do just fine. If you already have an "official homepage", at another domain (other than your CWIRE Homepage can hyper-link to it, delivering more hits to your homepage.


In short, CWIRE is your community publicity and promotion agency. We let the local community know who you are, what you do, and why you do it. With your homepage on CWIRE, you can publish your company mission statement, and communicate why your knowledge, skills, and abilities set your company apart. You can use and draw attention to your company's unique strengths. You can publish and archive all your press releases, press clippings, and any other commuications. In short, CWIRE increases your media profile.


Dollar-for-dollar, CWIRE is the best way to use the World Wide Web to promote your business in the local area, to promote worthwhile charities and events, or to advocate for a specific cause.

Employee Recognition

CWIRE gives your company the ability to recognize and reward your most precious assets, your employees, in a most meaningful way. Recognition is most valued when given by someone or some organization that is held in high regard. Ask your employees which organizations they admire most, and sponsor that organization in their name! They will appreciate the gesture much more than a "token gift" from the company, because their efforts (and, perhaps, the efforts of a spouse or loved-ones) will also be recognized by people outside your company.

*($250 is our suggested sponsorship rate, which will allow CWIRE to run promotions and increase exposure. Each nonprofit organization has the final word, and may refuse sponsorship or change the conditions of this offer at any time.)

Business in the Arroyo Verdugos

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