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  Please link to our Affiliated Websites using one of these snippets of HTML! It's easy!

If you don't have a webpage yet, ask the Community Wire Wolunteers create one for you! It's free! Or, take advantage of the many free webpage and email services out there on the web.

You can take advantage of CWIRE content at no charge (That's right! We'll even teach you how!). By doing so, your site will help to publicize and promote CWIRE-affiliated websites, such as the Organizations Directory.

Sending web traffic to CWIRE-affiliated websites helps CWIRE to be effective. The added publicity will encourage local nonprofit agencies to take advantage of our wire-service -- for their own advancement, and for the betterment of the whole community.

Please place a small "button" on your webpage, like this:

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Friends of Community Wire

...copy and paste this code into your page somewhere:

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Friends of CWIRE

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Free Webpage Listing

...copy and paste this HTML code somewhere into your page:

<a href="/orgs/default.asp"><img border=1 src="" alt="Register for a free listing on CWIRE" width=72 height=72></a>

If you post a link to CWIRE on a webpage somewhere, sign the CWIRE Guestbook and let us know! We'll link back to you! Thanks!

-- Robert Marston, Director
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