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Volunteer Opportunity
Glendale Adventist Medical Center

Looking for exercise?

Get your daily walking exercise in a safe environment, and perform a valuable service at the same time! Way Finders are volunteers who guide and escort patients, families, and other visitors to various areas within the medical center campus.

Contact Liz or Renee in Volunteer and Senior Resources at 818-409-8057 to schedule an interview and orientation.
(posted Nov. 2002)

  Community Wire Special Features
Community Scrapbooks & Photo Albums

Thanks for your interest in "community scrapbooks"!

CWIRE is building a HUGE compendium of photos, artwork, and memorabilia for all the communities represented on CWIRE.

CWIRE's library of memories is going to be:


...And we're going to need your help to do it all!


We are looking for student interns, families, teachers, journalists, alumni organizations, senior living facilities, hospitals, hobbyists, local family-owned businesses, Realtors, and local businesses of all kinds to help us gather and post images.

A potential fundraiser

CWIRE receives funding from affiliate advertising programs. Your participation and usage of the site -- and promotion of the photo albums by word of mouth and by links from your blog or your emails -- will help to increase traffic to CWIRE and will create sustaining revenue.

What kinds of images?

We're looking for all kinds of images that portray the people, places, and events in our local communities: photos, portraits, momentos, and nostalgia -- from contemporary to ancient, and everything inbetween!

Family photos, commercial photos, ticket stubs, maps, programs from musical performances or shows and ceremonies, advertisements, hand-written notes... all of these create a visual museum of memories which are related to a specific time in history in our little corner of the world.

'Sounds like chaos! How will we find anything?

Volunteers will help to "tag" (index, label) the images based on input from you, our readers.

Volunteers will be able to sit down to an Internet terminal (i.e. at home, at school, at a local public library, or on the other side of the world) and edit/update index information to the images. This will be a great project for student volunteers!

As the library of images grows, we hope that professional indexers and museum curators will come along and help to refine the categories and image descriptions, and perhaps re-publish the most significant images at some point (with your permission, of course).

How do the images get onto CWIRE?

To save money, the photos will not be posted, but at various other websites. First post your photos online, then contact CWIRE. CWIRE will link the various albums together.

Student volunteers can gather photos from books, magazines, and newspapers and ask for permission to post them. The process of researching, scanning, and categorizing photos will be a valuable community service.

Is CWIRE buying old photos? Who owns the images?

No, the images still belong to the people who post them. You do not give-up ownership of your scanned images by posting them online and allowing others to see them. In fact, if you can photograph or scan them yourself, you can share them without ever letting go of the originals. CWIRE promises to never use your images or give them to someone else without your expressed permission. If you would like to donate your photos/collections to a charity, we suggest that you contact one of the many historical societies, libraries, schools, or museums in your community.

CWIRE is particularly interested in your family photos from various periods of history, such as those seen in the following:

Glendale Centennial 2006 Images of Glendale
  • The City of Glendale will celebrate its 100th birthday in the year 2006. In preparation for the centennial birthday celebration, CWIRE.COM and other sponsors are creating a "living pictorial history" of Glendale from the turn of the 20th century to today.
  • Images of Burbank

  • For a very good example of a pictorial narrative, see Wes Clark's Avocado Memories: Growing up in Burbank in the 60's and 70's.
  • Who decides which photos to include in the scrapbook? Who's in control?

    The Project Sponsors decide what to call their scrapbook, and which images they will include or disallow. The sponsors are ultimately responsible for the content, the accuracy, and the message of their scrapbook. Project sponsors create their own online photo albums and submit them to CWIRE for review: where authorized reviewers identify photos and link to them from CWIRE's album, or to reject them.

    Why should I share family photos with the world? Who cares?

    Your old slides and family-vacation photos may be very familiar to you -- perhaps even boring. But chances are good that some other people will really enjoy them. And they may be extremely entertaining or precious to others! For example, you might post photos of yourself with friends and neighbors with whom you've lost contact. Perhaps they've never seen those photos before. They (or their friends/families) might appreciate being able to look at "new" pictures of them after all these years.

    Imagine if someone delivered to you a whole box of photos of your grandparents and their friends, with dates and places identified. Wouldn't that be precious? You can browse photo albums already posted online and print them on mugs, calendars, or T-shirts (DesignAShirt: Design your own t-shirt online and receive $5 OFF your order using the coupon code: ILIKEIT )

    Or perhaps you have photos of people whom *you do not know*. Perhaps they came from the estate of a deceased relative. If you post the photos online, and give your best guess about the identity of the people, the locations, and the time period, you might find that there are people in your town who can identify the photos for you. But chances are slim that you'll ever find them if you don't post the photos!

    Give a gift to posterity

    A community scrapbook is both educational and entertaining. It gives everyone a chance to contribute something fun or particularly meaningful from their own lives as a gift to others. It gives each of us a chance to narrate our own versions of history and major events which have impacted our lives, to give a perspective on events and images that no one else can give. It creates a project in which local wisdom can be preserved and transferred from one generation to the next, and myths can be discovered and explained. And it gives our neighbors, our children, and future generations an opportunity to learn from our history, to pause and reflect, and to appreciate precious images which were previously hidden to the world, images which might otherwise be destroyed.

    Community scrapbooks are educational

    By posting and identifying a "community scrapbook" of photos and memories, we are creating an in-depth look at our towns, our cultures, our ways-of-life, and our changing society.

    For example, a string of photos of the same street over many decades reveals the steady pace of progress, community growth/decline, and revitalization. Children will be amazed at the similarities and differences between people living in the early 1900's and people today!

    How to create a new community scrapbook

    If you would like to create a "community scrapbook" or a personal "family photo album" on CWIRE, simply email your inquiry to the Photo Editor. Share pictures of your forefathers, your family traditions, holidays and community events, and pictures/artwork which portrays life in your town (then and now). Write a brief description of each one to make them more informative/interesting to others. Or, get creative and tell a little story or memory from each photo.

    If you represent a business, posting photos is like posting a free advertisement. Anyone can do it -- up to 10 images for free!

    However, if you would like prominent placement of your company logo and/or photos in a particular scrapbook, or if you would like to place banner advertising in a particular scrapbook, please consider one of the following levels of sponsorship:

    Project Leadership:
    Champion: $500 - Name the project
    Guardians: $100 - Up to 4 major underwriters
    Beneficiary: - 100 photos minimum & a Project Director (to receive the first $5,000 from Leadership, & 100% of Supporter Revenues)

    Project Supporters:

    Partners: $10 - Up to 100 per year, 1 banner each

    (Note: Nonprofit organizations may contribute photos and publicity instead of cash.) Please contact Robert Marston to schedule a time to discuss a scrapbook project and underwriting/sponsorship opportunities. We appreciate your support!

    Design your own t-shirt online and receive $5 OFF your order using the coupon code: ILIKEIT

    Please tell us what you think of the Community Photo Albums on CWIRE.COM!

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