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The CWIRE "No Trash" policy promotes a "civil society" by teaching and promoting these values:
  • Free Speech
  • Focus on Goodness
  • Love for People
  • Community Spirit
  •   The Community Wire "No Trash" Policy
    Responsible Free Speech

    CWIRE is committed to keeping itself free from "trashy" material, while defending the constitutional right of free speech.
    Community Wire (CWIRE) supports unrestricted freedom of speech and expression on the Internet -- and in all media. However, we also reserve our right to limit or balance the ideas and images expressed on CWIRE.COM to reflect what we consider to be decent, respectful, and responsible.

    Responsibility in Free Speech Campaign, Zondervan Publishing
    [The Responsibility in Free Speech Green Ribbon Campaign]
    We also strongly support measures to eliminate SPAM email, which is a prime example of irresponsible speech. No SPAM!

    It is our expressed objective to build a large local readership. We cannot possibly please everyone, so we seek a "common thread" of interesting and compelling content. Our customers are our partners -- those who supply CWIRE with content, and those who publish our content. We must satisfy them first, above all. We reserve the right to censor CWIRE content or refuse editorial access to anyone at any time without cause.


    Like the most things in life, CWIRE.COM is "Rated PG." Parental guidance is recommended.


    Everything on CWIRE should be "family friendly." However, we do not believe that children should be permitted to use the WWW without guidance. We are concerned with protecting your children from strangers, and from outside influences. And parts of CWIRE are directed specifically at parents and deal with "mature subject matter" which -- though not "harmful" in and of itself -- might be inappropriate for your kids. We recommend that parents read CWIRE along with their kids, and discuss what they find.

    Because CWIRE tries to appeal to a general audience, most users of the World Wide Web will forgive us for being "limited" or not being very "hip." But once a reader is offended, they will probably never come back. For this reason, we are very careful to limit the contents of CWIRE in such a way that readers never encounter offensive material. And if we publish material that is "questionable," we try to give proper warning.

    Community Wire does not provide a "free marketplace of ideas," nor do we promise anything of the sort. In theory, a "free marketplace of ideas" presents everything, and allows all ideas to stand or fall on their own merits. CWIRE is not an "ammoral judge." We intend to pass judgement on everything on CWIRE to ensure that nothing slips through which might be inappropriate.

    We support your freedom of speech, and we will fight to protect your right to speak your mind. But not here. Here on CWIRE.COM, we insist that everyone uses appropriate discretion and tact which demonstrates respect for the sensitivities and preferences of others.

    If CWIRE is too "uptight" or too "conservative" for your tastes, we invite you to explore the internet for other resources, or find another medium that suits you.

    While you are out there surfing the internet, we promise never to bother you. If you ever run into uptight and conservative types that want to give you a hard time, kindly invite them to visit CWIRE. Hopefully they will like it here and never bother you again. Deal?

    While seeking to attract the largest audience possible, CWIRE is committed to maintaining high standards of decency and respect for everyone.

    For the sake of appeasing and appealing to the widest possible audience, CWIRE imposes limits and safeguards on its content. We decide what is appropriate for CWIRE, and weed-out any material which we find "inappropriate" or "indecent."

    The Community Wire Volunteer Editors are the first line of moderators. They decide independently and among themselves what is "appropriate" for their section(s) of CWIRE. Robert Marston, the publisher, is the final authority in all matters of subject matter, format, and content.

    Our desire is to be fair, responsible, and forthright in all of our policies and the way in which we carry them out.

    Be forwarned: CWIRE occasionally "links out" to websites which may not share our definition of "decency" nor our commitment to "Kid Safe" and "family friendly" content. We appreciate your help in policing these links and alerting us to any links (buttons) on CWIRE which are "inappropriate" to CWIRE and/or our mission.

    April 21, 2002

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