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Northern L.A. Area (Burbank) Volunteer recruitment. To help your community today. WWW.REDCROSSLA.ORG


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American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles
Burbank District

Burbank Community Services Teams

Disaster Response meetings are held every third Tuesday of each month at 7pm at 1001 W. Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank. Anyone wishing to learn more or become a volunteer is welcome to attend.

The American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles Chapter, Burbank District responds to disasters large and small to provide Shelter and Food assistance to disaster victims free of charge. They do this in the following ways, but they can't do it without you.

1. Disaster Action Team (DAT). After initial volunteer training, disaster action team members are authorized to wear the American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles Chapter uniform. Special I.D. will also be issued. They are on call after hours and respond to residential disasters, fires, floods and evacuations. Two to three DAT members provide emergency assistance for 1-20 disaster victims free of charge. Maintain operational biweekly readiness ensuring all necessary forms are available, inspect DAT vehicle.

2. Canteen Truck Team operations. Two canteen team members provide light snacks for disaster workers and victims in the field serving as many as 25-100 persons. This mobile light snack vehicle, provides water, coffee, hot chocolate, fast food, chips, utensils, napkins, plates, cups. Additional team members may shuttle supplies to ensure canteen vehicle is always stocked and ready in the field. Maintain operational readiness by restocking items above and basic maintenance inspection of the vehicle.

3. Community Service teams. (for larger then DAT sized incidents) Community Services are provided on large disasters. Generally, Community services are provided for evacuees. From 20 to as many victims that are displaced due to the disaster.

3a. Community Service Shelter teams: Trained volunteers set up shelter locations throughout the community, register disaster victims, provide light snacks, soft drinks, blankets, set up cots, and issue comfort kits (soap, toothpaste, and other hygiene articles). Provide reassurance to victims. Maintain operational readiness, perform work inventory, stocking, cleaning of cots and ensure shelter site inspection survey's are up to date.

3b. Community Service Feeding teams: Trained volunteers set up field kitchens such as a mobile catering vehicle system, set up food distribution networks, delivery of hot and cold meals to disaster victims and emergency personnel. They deliver hot and cold beverages, soft drinks, water, light snacks to victims. They maintain operational readiness to perform this work by inventory analysis, ordering replacement supplies stocking up storage areas, clean food, drink containers for reuse and working on updating vendor agreements.

All readiness work is done at a convenient time for the volunteers.

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