AIDS Service Center

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AIDS Service Center - Pasadena, CA
Health Services*

    Case Management

    To register as a client of AIDS Service Center, a person must be HIV symptomatic or have an AIDS diagnosis from a doctor. Case Managers provide assistance with:
    • assessment and coordination of services

    • psycho-social concerns

    • health and dental referrals

    • public benefits/private insurance counseling

    • education in Spanish and English

    • legal counseling

    • support networks

    • buddy programs

    • housing

    Nurse Case Management

    Nurse Case Managers are assigned on an as needed basis. Nurse Case Managers provide assistance with:
    • on-going registered nurse case management

    • on-going psycho-social care

    • client referrals and advocacy

    • attendant and respite care

    • insurance and physician advocacy

    • Homecare for the Non-Professional Workshops

    • coordination of services

    • crisis intervention

    Family and Pediatric Program

    The Family and Pediatric Program counselors are assigned on an as needed basis. Family and Pediatric Program counselors provide assistance with:
    • coordination of services

    • regular home visits and respite care

    • continual assessment of families' needs

    • emergency diaper and infant supplies

    • case conferences with Children's Hospital, Cedars Sinai, UCLA, LAPAN

    • hosts social events

    • Child Buddy Program for infected children

    Mental Health Counseling

    Mental Health Counseling is available free of charge to anyone impacted by HIV/AIDS seeking mental health support. The Mental Health Councelors provide assistance with:
    • individual/couple./family counseling

    • support groups

    • referrals to HIV/AIDS-sensitive mental health professionals

    • neuropsychological and psychiatric evaluations

    • parenting classes

    • art therapy workshops for children

    * These services were listed in literature from the summer of 1997. Please update this information if you can.

AIDS Service Center

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