AIDS Service Center

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AIDS Service Center - Pasadena, CA
Prevention and Community Education*

    Prevention and Community Education (PACE)

    • Forums, workshops and panels in Spanish and English
    • Monthly AIDS 101/SIDA workshops
    • "AIDS in the Workplace" workshops
    • Prison parolee programs
    • Women's outreach
    • Safer sex education
    • Lifeguard Project safer sex education for gay and bisexual men

    Treatment Advocacy

    • Information and counseling on therapies, clinical trials
    • Approved drugs and alternative treatment for HIV disease
    • Treatment library

    Public Policy

    • The Public Policy Department advocates on local, state and national levels on AIDS-related issues
    • People can get involved with the Neighborhood Network and assist in lobbying for appropriate government response

    * These programs were listed in literature from the summer of 1997. Please update this information if you can.

AIDS Service Center

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