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Bridge the Gap
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Bridge the Gap
P.O. Box 901
Burbank, CA 91503-0901

Contact: Marian Barrett
Phone: (881)567-2574
Fax: (818)843-3822


Burbank Neighbors in Dialogue Taskforce on Community Diversity is a volunteer nonpartisan group of parents, business people, community leaders, educators, religious leaders. students, seniors. activists, mentors. and concerned residents organized to acknowledge, celebrate, and participate in activities designed to Bridge The Gap of diversity.


This taskforce was born directly from a series of open dialogues sponsored by the Burbank Human Relations Council in the Winter/Spring of 1998 to promote harmony among the various cultures and ethnicity existing in Burbank
Bridge the Gap


It is our desire, that by sharing our own experiences, we will begin the ripple effect within our community of open communication and active participation fostering a renewed sense of Civic Pride and Cultural Esteem.

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  • Task Force Members
  • Burbank Statistics
    (estimations 1996)
    Population        93,485
    Caucasian          43.1%
    African-American    3.6%
    American Indian     0.5%
    Armenian             16%
    Asian/Pac. Islander 9.0%
    Hispanic           27.7%

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