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League of California Cities

1400 K Street, 4th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916)658-8200
Fax: (916)658-8240
Email: freelans@cacities.org

So. CA Phone: (818)305-1315
So. CA FAX: (818)305-1345


The League is membership organization for city officials in California, nationally respected for its legislative effectiveness, special reports, full-service municipal library, on-line communications network, professional staff, and ability to address emerging issues. Education programs, legislative advocacy, briefings, technical assistance, newsletters, a monthly magazine, an annual awards program, inquiry service and legal advocacy make up the League’s on-going service program.

The League offers a wide array of educational programs to city officials to help keep them up-to-date about municipal issues. These programs also afford an opportunity for city officials to meet one another and to learn how other cities deal with mutual problems.

The League of California Cities follows and promotes positions on issues of vital importance to California's cities, such as legislative issues, welfare reform, and finance improvement. (Adapted from CityLink 2000, 8/97)

CityLink 2000: League of California Cities website
[Visit the Official Homepage]


Western City -- The League of California Cities' monthly print publication, Western City, is an important resource for anyone interested in keeping up with the fast-changing environment of local government. From Appellate Court decisions to Zoning regulations, Western City contains valuable information for your city. A subscription Order Form is available on CityLink 2000, the League's WWW site.

The League provides an enormous catalog of all their publications at their website www.cacities.org/publications-a.asp (Adapted from CityLink 2000, 8/97)

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