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California Federation of Teachers
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  California Federation of Teachers
Burbank, CA

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The California Federation of Teachers (CFT) is the California affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), AFL-CIO. The CFT is composed of 126 local unions chartered by the AFT. Each local is also affiliated with its regional Central Labor Council and the California Labor Federation.

The CFT represents nearly 90,000 educational employees working at every level of the education system in California, from Head Start to the University of California.

The CFT’s governance structure divides the federation into four councils corresponding to the major divisions of education employees: Early Childhood/K–12, Community College, University, and Classified.

California Federation of Teachers
[Visit the Official Homepage]

The American Federation of Teachers boasts a national membership of nearly one million members.

Why is there a CFT?

Founded in 1919 to provide a labor union alternative to the California Teachers Association, which was then dominated by school administrators, the CFT spoke for classroom teachers during a long period when California’s teachers worked in near-feudal conditions.

The CFT regularly holds union-sponsored professional conferences called QuEST (Quality Educational Standards in Teaching). These conferences explore innovative ways to improve teacher effectiveness and student learning.

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