California Missions


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California Mission Studies Association
Board Members and Officers

    Laurence K. Gould, Jr., PRESIDENT
    Attorney, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton (Los Angeles)
    Glenn Farris, VICE-PRESIDENT
    Archaeologist, California Department of Parks (West Sacramento)
    Aurora (ChaCha) Belardes, TREASURER
    Community Leader (San Juan Capistrano)
    R. David Weber, SECRETARY
    History Professor, Los Angeles Harbor College, (Wilmington)
    Rebecca S. Allen
    Archaeologist, Past Forward (Richmond)
    Diane Everett Barbolla
    Anthropology & Archaeology Professor, Mesa College (San Diego)
    Rose Marie Beebe, NEWSLETTER CO-EDITOR
    Spanish Professor, Santa Clara University (Santa Clara)
    Michael Curry
    Superintendant, Mission La Purisima, State Historic Park (Lompoc)
    Mary Louise Days
    City Planner (Retired) (Santa Barbara)
    Charles Heizman
    Engineer, Docent (San Juan Capistrano)
    John Johnson
    Curator, Anthropology Dept., Santa Barbara Natural History Museum (Santa Barbara)
    Edna Kimbro
    Architectural Historian (Watsonville)
    Helen Nelson
    Curator, Mission San Gabriel (San Gabriel)
    Brother Joe Schwab
    Order of Friars Minor, (Santa Barbara & Scottsdale)
    Robert M. Senkewicz, NEWSLETTER CO-EDITOR
    History Professor, University of Santa Clara, (Santa Clara)

California Missions

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