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Camp Max Straus
Visit the Official Homepage:

  Camp Max Straus
6505 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 600
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Contact: Trisha Paddock, Program Secretary
Phone: (323)761-8675 ext. 32
Fax: (323)761-8695


Camp Max Straus is a residential summer camp that provides recreational activities for underprivileged children between the ages of 7-12, who primarily come from single (or substitute) parent homes. The camp is open to children of all races and denominations.

Children are referred to Camp Max Straus by their schools, social service and community agencies, counselors and religious leaders. Parents are also welcome to contact us directly if their child is in need of a more individualized camping program.

Camp Max Straus is located on 112 beautiful acres in the Verdugo Hills in Glendale. The children reside in cabins surrounded by a rustic environment. They participate in activities and programs with the members of their cabin group under the supervision of their cabin counselors and the program specialists.

Camp Max Straus
[Visit the Official Homepage]

Other Programs

Sports Buddies is a free mentoring program for children ages 7-12 from single parent homes.

The program is directed by a team of professionals: Coaches with more than 40 years of experience, Adult Mentors, Recreational Supervisors, Teachers, and Trained Athletic Directors.

The Sports Buddies program is sponsored by Jewish Big Brothers/Camp Max Straus and is being underwritten by a grant from the Amy Phillips Charitable Foundation.

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