Days of the Verdugos Assn

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Days of the Verdugos Association
Board of Directors and Members
December 1998


Howard Shermer, Pres.
Rick Reyes, VP
Julie B. Shermer, VP
Sandi Kepler, Sec.
Dolores Ross, Treas.


Stacey Annand
Charles Chatham
Johnnie Davidson
Ann Denis
Celina Enriquez
Don Hanson
Richard Kenney
Gary Linder
Ray Perkins
Steve Ropfogel
Genevieve Sultenfuss

Patron Membership

Huerta Design
Greg & Barbara Cocks

Corporate Members

Allen Gwynn Chevrolet
Verdugo Banking Co.
Creative Promotion Unlimited
Schirmer Chiropractic
George's Automotive Serv. Inc.
Scarpage Enterprises
Victoria & Barney Sofro
Casa De Ramos


Mary Arevalo
Luis Arevalo
Jim Bacon
Martha Bacon
Sheldon Baker
Tom Barnes
Fran Barone
Gene Blankenship
Maxine Blankenship
Lynn Brandstater
Jana Brett
Richard Brett
Chuck Briley
Brenda Burroughs
Jim Burroughs
Kathie Burroughs
Dolly Carl
Kenneth Cleghorn
Shirley Darling
Bob Davidson
Blair Desveaux
Joyce Desveaux
Gail Farnsworth
Carvel Gay
Patricia Gay
Nancy Goodlad
David Greenbaum
Earl Hanson
Hal Hemmingsen
Barbara (BJ) Hill
Glady Kabetek
Jack Kabatek
Ken Kaeser
Phyllis Kenney
Barbara Larsen
Jane Leggett
Daphne Lindstrom
George McCollough
JoAnn McCullough
Carl Meseck
Sandy Meseck
Chris Meyer
Kimberly Meyer
Richard Montgomery
Edith Natividad
Tim Nichols
Jim Olliff
Mar Ann Plumley
Georgi Robinson
Jim Rodgers
Trudy Rodgers
Jack Rollow
Sandy Rollow
Marlene T. Roth
Jody Scarpace
Rex Thompson
Doris Twedt
Mary Wight
Paul Wight

Honorary Member

Betty Evans

Days of the Verdugos Assn

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