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EDD: Employment Development Department
State of California
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Orientation to EDD Services

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) provides a variety of services to employers and job seekers, including Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, Job Service and Employment Tax collection programs. Following is a brief overview of several EDD programs for workers who are currently employed, or who may be unemployed in the near future due to plant closures or layoffs.

Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a unique federal-state program that provides Unemployment Insurance benefits for workers who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. This program is financed by UI tax contributions from employers. The UI program also provides Unemployment Insurance benefits under the California Training Benefits (CTB) program for those who are eligible and attending EDD-approved training.

Disability Insurance

EDD's California State Disability Insurance (DI) program provides benefits to eligible workers suffering a loss of wages when they are unable to perform their usual work because of pregnancy of non-occupational illnesses or injuries. The State DI program is paid for by California workers through payroll deductions.

Work-connected disabilities are covered by Workers' Compensation laws. Workers' Compensation is administered by the California State Department of Industrial Relations.

[Visit the Official Homepage]

Job Service

EDD's Job Service program helps employers find qualified people for their job openings, and helps job seekers find employment for which they are qualified. All of these services are provided without fee to either employers or job seekers. EDD uses computer technology to link people with jobs everywhere in California. Depending on where you wish to be employed, those job listings can be from your local area or from other areas of the state.

Many EDD Job Service offices also provide workshops for job seekers to develop job search skills. In addition, the Department offers support networking groups through special Experience Unlimited job clubs. These job clubs assist professional, managerial and technical workers who are unemployed or under-employed. Job Service offices can also provide referrals to a variety of job training programs in your community.

Economic Dislocation and Worker Adjustment Assistance Act (EDWAA) Services

Funded through Title III of the federal Job Training partnership Act (JTPA), EDWAA services are provided at the community level by local EDD Job Service offices at the request of a local Service Delivery Area (Private Industry Council) and the employer who is closing a plant or laying off workers. Through this program, EDD provides general information about JTPA programs to workers at the worksite, registers eligible dislocated workers for employment services, conducts intensive job placement, provides counseling, and offers testing and job search workshops.
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