Filipino-American Business Association of Glendale



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  Filipino-American Business Association of Glendale
(Glendale, CA)


  Edith M. Fuentes, President
Ami Bautista, Tony Tartaglia, VP-Programs
Danita Soriano, VP-Finance
Ben Dalusong, Jr., VP-Ways and Means
Celia De Fato, Bob Adams, VP- Cultural Affairs
Neal Peterson, Cynthia Lizan, VP-Community Affairs
Dina Cooper, VP-Public Relations
Laila Santos, Secretary
Geny C. Aguilar, Asst. Secretary
Rene Abel, Treasurer
Angel Dayan, Asst. Treasurer
Gus Gomez, Esq., Parliamentarian
Karen La Madrid, Esq., Legal Counsel
Nacy Manzanares, Immediate Past President
Marlene Cagatao, 1-Year Director
Danny Reyes, 2-Year Director

Nacy Manzanares, Linda Weaver, Nini maldonado, Lydia Soriano, Ruby De Vera, Marlene Cagatao, Danny Reyes

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Filipino-American Business Association of Glendale

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