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Glendale University
College of Law


220 N. Glendale Ave.
Glendale, CA 91206

Phone:(818) 247-0770
Fax:(818) 247-0872
Email: admissions@glendalelaw.edu


Thirty years ago the founder of the law school, Dean Seymour Greitzer, realized that there were many people with the desire and ability to study law who were foreclosed by their circumstances from attending traditional law schools.

Today, the supportive, collegial atmosphere that has become GUCL’s hallmark is evidence that our mission has not changed.

The students who have attended GUCL over the years represent a cross-section of our community: accountants, law enforcement personnel, teachers (from kindergarten through college), doctors, dentists, nurses, business owners, real estate agents and brokers, engineers, secretaries and paralegals, to name just some of their backgrounds.

Glendale Univ. College of Law
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All of these students had something in common, they wanted to pursue a career change but could not for economic reasons stop working to attend school full time.

They needed a flexible program that was affordable, which would allow them to attend classes at night, and an administration and faculty that would be understanding and supportive.

At GUCL they found an environment in which they could excel.

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