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Harambee Christian Family Center and Preparatory School
Visit the official homepage:

  Harambee Christian Family Center and Preparatory School
1581 Navarro Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91103

Contact: Rudy Carrasco
Phone: (626)791-7439
Fax: (626)791-7451


In its 17th year of service to the children, youth and families of Northwest Pasadena, Harambee Center is a beacon of hope for the NW Pasadena community and also for organizations around the country that are engaged in similar work.


In 1983, the neighborhood surrounding Harambee Center had the highest daytime crime rate in Southern California. The corner which our facility occupies had the dubious title of "blood corner," for it was the area where the most drive-by shootings and failed drug deals occurred. Residents were held captive in their own homes and there was little hope for change.

They believed the only legitimate way to become change-agents in this community was to become a part of it. Led by their founders, Drs. John and Vera Mae Perkins, they moved into the area and became neighbors. For 17 years Harambee has served a twelve-block target area, working with African-American and Latino children and families.

See the homepage for more info
Harambee Exec. Dir. Derek Perkins(L) and Assoc. Dir. Rudy Carrasco(R)
[Visit the Official Homepage]

"Harambee" means "Let's Push Together" in Swahili. Their leadership is the multi-ethnic team of Derek Perkins, an African American, and Rudy Carrasco, a Latino. Their youth mentoring program is emulated by organizations nationwide.

Interns come from throughout the world to learn our method of indigenous leadership development. Haramee works with young people and their parents over a multi-year period, with the goal of seeing them through college graduation and back into this community as leaders committed to repeating the cycle of indigenous leadership development.

Directions to Harambee Center

Driving Directions to 1581 Navarro Ave. at Howard. (2 blocks west of Fairoaks.)
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