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Heal the Bay
Visit the Official Homepage:
  Heal the Bay
3220 Nebraska Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: (310)453-0395 or
(800)HEAL BAY (in California only)
Fax: (310)453-7927


Heal the Bay was founded in 1985 to fight for a "swimmable, fishable Bay." They are a non-profit environmental group working to make Santa Monica Bay and Southern California coastal waters safe and healthy again for people and marine life. They use research, education, community action and policy programs to achieve this goal.

Not so long ago, at a time when Los Angeles County's beaches and coastal waters were treated daily as a dump site, a small group of concerned people took it upon themselves to heal this troubled part of the world. They did it for those who simply wanted to swim, fish or surf safely in clean water. And they did it for the marine life that was suffering from some of the worst levels of contamination found anywhere on our nation's coastline.

Visit Heal the Bay online
[Visit the Official Homepage]

That small group swelled into Heal the Bay, an organization and movement that has done more to recover our coastal environment than anyone could have imagined. But in the process, they did more than that. They showed us that it's not too late for Southern California, that no agency is too big to fight and win, that we can heal our environment and that we can heal Santa Monica Bay.

Not so long ago, the bay was a different place. In a short time, Heal the Bay has made it better. Now in their second decade, Heal the Bay intends to continue their fight to find workable solutions to the problems threatening the future of our bay and all of Southern California's coastal waters.

Office Hours

9:00am - 5:30pm, M-F
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