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Local Organizations Directory
Northwest Glendale Homeowners Association

Northwest Glendale Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 3232
Glendale,CA 91221-0232

Contact: Julie Budimir, President
Phone: (818)754-8274


The NWGHA aims to protect the quality of life in northwest Glendale, California. It is the largest homeowners association in Glendale. The NWGHA serves homeowners in northwest Glendale, an area roughly bounded by Glenoaks Boulevard on the south, Brand Boulevard on the east, the Verdugo Mountains on the north and the Glendale-Burbank city limits on the west.

The NWGHA was established in 1989 as an association of homeowners to control the spread of "mansionization" of homes in the city, particularly in northwest Glendale with its large lots. Mansionized homes are remodels of existing homes or new homes built after the original house on a lot has been demolished that are so large that they are out of scale with the surrounding neighborhood. Frequently, the architecture of these homes is out of character with the other homes in the neighborhood.

The NWGHA successfully pushed the enactment of a zoning ordinance that limits the floor-area ratio of new and remodeled homes and the establishment of a design review ordinance with two design review boards to require that the design of new and remodeled structures in the city be compatible with the existing neighborhood and good design standards.

Northwest Glendale Homeowners Association
[Visit the Official Homepage]

To ensure the integrity of the enforcement of these ordinances, NWGHA board members regularly attend the bi-weekly meetings of the design review boards and monitor requests for zoning variances. When neighbors of a proposed construction project object to its proposed design or variances, the NWGHA intervenes by writing letters or attending hearings, with the intent that the ordinances be enforced.

The NWGHA continues to closely monitor events affecting the quality of life in northwest Glendale and where appropriate, advocate positions with respect thereto. For example, the NWGHA has been active in promoting the enactment and enforcement of hillside development ordinances in the city of Glendale to limit hillside development.

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