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Project Angel Interfaith Network


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Project Angel Interfaith Network

A list of seasonal and year-round needs of Project Angel Interfaith Network, an interfaith network committed to helping local churches, synagogues, businesses and individuals mobilize to meet the needs of individual L.A. County + USC Medical Center patients and their families as identified by the Department of Pastoral Care.

Timeless Needs

  • African American volunteers to visit patients
  • Women to visit in Women's & Children's Hospital--Spanish a plus
  • Baby clothing and supplies for newborns
  • Someone who can repair our wheel chairs
  • People with trucks for moving furniture
  • Money to help with funeral expenses
  • Fundraising and clerical help in our office--or from your home!
  • Knitted hats for adult women undergoing chemotherapy

A Plea from the Women's and Children's AIDS Clinic

"Dear Ann,... This list reflects various unmet needs of our patient population... We appreciate, all the assistance you have provided our patients, especially in the areas where other agencies have failed to meet their needs..." V. Hernandez, MSW
  • Temporary storage for furniture for patients who enter a shelter
  • Transportation for initial visit to Medi-Cal or Social Security offices
  • Translators in various languages, including Patois (Haitian dialect)
  • Rooms for Rent
  • Friendly Visitors, especially Spanish-speaking
  • Furniture and Appliances, including baby furniture
  • Moving assistance for female patients
  • Respite workers/baby sitters/shoppers/help in cooking or cleaning
  • Maternity Clothes

If you can help with one of these needs, please phone Ann Mills at 626-799-2858 for details.

Seasonal Needs

  • Holiday meals for Families in need
  • money for grocery gift certificates
  • people to deliver donated food
  • Gifts for children

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