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Project Safe Place - Glendale
Unofficial Homepage:

Project Safe Place, Glendale
Glendale, CA

Contact: Marilyn Gunnell, Exec. Dir.
Phone: (818)507-0427


The mission of Safe Place is to provide a network of assistance for young people who are runaways, homeless, or in crisis.


Project Safe Place is a national program started in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1983 as an outreach effort of the local YMCA. Members of the program agree to post Safe Place placards outside their buildings, letting youth in crisis know there is someone inside waiting to help.

There are 6,191 Safe Place sites in 34 states.

Once inside a Safe Place site, a trained volunteer will comfort the person in crisis berfore referring him or her to a local shelter.

Glendale initiated it's program in April, 1999, with the signing of an agreement between participating agencies which would provide a safe place in business location in Glendale for run-away youths and youths at risk.

Marilyn Gunnell, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Glendale program, said she hopes by this fall (1999) participating businesses thoughout the city will display a diamond shaped yellow and black logo in their window.

"When they see the logo, they know they can go into the site and receive help," Gunnell said. "We will have a network of volunteers that can be called by the business owner to go to the location, talk to the child and see what agency needs to be contacted."

Project Safe Place
[Visit the Unofficial Homepage]

The Glendale program is aimed at children with problems ranging from being harassed by a bully to those who are victims of domestic violence. Local organizations will work in conjunction with Angel's Flight, a youth shelter in Los Angeles, because there is not a shelter facility specifically for youths in Glendale.

"A kid watching domestic violence going on at home every day, or incest, will get to the point where they can't watch it anymore ...and they are potential runaways." Statistics from the City of Glendale Police Department show that there is a need for such a program in Glendale. Sgt. Ron Insalaco of the Glendale Police Department receives between 40 to 50 calls a month about runaway youths.

Participating organizations include the Glendale Community Foundation, Glendale Adventist Medical Center, the Glendale YMCA, and others.

Anyone wishing to volunteer for the program can call Marilyn Gunnell at (818)507-0427.

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  • Safe Place was presented at the Health Fair Expo 1999 as part of Healthy Glendale Week.

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