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RSVP: Seniors On Patrol
Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol Program (Glendale Police Dept.)


Community Police Substation
Glendale Police Department

Phone: (818)548-4015
Email: N/A


The Glendale Police Department's Community Police PartnerShip unit (COPPS) has created an exciting new program called the Retired Seniors Volunteer Patrol Program (RSVP), designed in the spirit of community-based policing as a proactive response to the ever-increasing needs of the community.

RSVP has senior citizens patrolling the streets, using a specially marked police vehicle donated by State Farm Insurance Company. The RSVP team performs a wide variety of non-hazardous police functions such as vacation checks, parking enforcement and traffic control, which allows the City's patrol officers to devote a greater amount of time to performing proactive law enforcement functions.

[Visit the City of Glendale Homepage]

Each volunteer is required to attend a comprehensive 40-hour volunteer citizens law enforcement academy. Last year, the Glendale Police Department recently celebrated the graduation of its first RSVP academy class which included Floyd Paul, Jewell Rivano, Ario Pagliassotti and William Landman. The department encourages the community to welcome these highly-trained and motivated volunteers who are committed to making our neighborhoods a safer place to live.

For more information or to become involved in RSVP, call the community police sub-station at (818)548-4015.

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