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We Care For Youth
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We Care for Youth

Linda Maxwell, Community Outreach
KVEA 52, Telemundo TV Station Group
Phone: (818)507-8973
Fax: (818)502-0029

Jose R. Quintanar
Phone: (213)279-3124

Deborah Blackford, Marketing Director & Cindy Chong, General Manager
Glendale Galleria
Phone: (818)246-6737


We Care For Youth is a community-based job training program offered at Glendale Galleria. The program is designed to give teens, some of whom are at-risk and in gangs, the skills to get and keep jobs. The program was co-founded by community leaders Linda Maxwell and Jose R. Quintanar. "It's to expose them to a real-world adult environment," says Maxwell.

Galleria merchants have successfully hired hundreds of teens for part-time jobs from this program.

We Care For Youth

The professional training covers job search and interview techniques, applications, personal appearance, self-esteem, communication skills and retail basics. The training also stresses the importance of staying in and completing school.

We Care For Youth is a community partnership program jointly sponsored by Glendale Galleria, Glendale Unified School District and the state of California's Employment Development Department's Youth Employment and Opportunity Program.

The 1996 program included:
Maxwell and Quintanar:
   Self-esteem, work ethics, communication skills, customer service, personal appearance, dealing with prejudice, voice projection.
Employment Development Department, Glendale:
   Job search skills, resume writing, application and interview process, personal appearance.
Toastmasters and Retail Consultants:
   Communication skills, security procedures, personal presentation, voice projection, team work, goal setting, contributing to society; sales, customer service, counting money and making change.

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