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  YMCA of Glendale
Discovering the YMCA


It's time to explode a few old-fashioned ideas about the The YMCA of Glendale.

First, those who go to the YMCA are not necessarily young--the YMCA of Glendale serves people of all ages, over 20,000 each year! Those who go to the Y are not necessarily men - 44 percent of those served are women, and are not necessarily Christian. The YMCA was founded on Christian principles, yet welcomes everyone.

The YMCA has had an immense impact on American life. It invented basketball (by James Naismith, a Y program director in Massachusetts), and volleyball (by W. G. Morgan, a physical director for the YMCA ).

It introduced such ideas as night school, the beginnings of the junior college movement, residential camping, and college student services, along with the formation of other major voluntary groups such as Scouts, Camp Fire, and the USO. Even more important, it has been a positive force in the lives of presidents, governors, members of Congress, legislatures, business leaders, and clergy for over 150 years.

The Y gives people a chance to succeed, to feel good about themselves-sometimes for the first time in their lives.

The YMCA of Glendale is what most people think of it -- basketball, teaching the kids to swim, summer camp, aerobics, weight -- training, gymnastics and other youth programs, all delivered in a wholesome atmosphere.

It is also a lot more. It is family strengthening, leadership development, a low-income residential hotel for men, job training, and more.

The YMCA of Glendale, chartered in 1924, opened its doors in 1926. It is controlled by volunteer board members who are Glendale residents, business executives and educators. The Y raises its own money and develops programs in response to community need. The YMCA of Glendale's resources include a major fitness facility of over 100,000 sq. ft., plus the 83 - room residential hotel for men, and two beach-front camps on beautiful Catalina Island. It's most important resource of all is its members -- the many public-spirited men and women who give their time and talent. They are the Y.

The YMCA is one of the forces working for goodwill, for relief of human suffering, for renewal, for reversing moral disintegration. In short, the Y is a force for hope.

YMCA of Glendale
140 N. Louise St.
Glendale, CA 91206-4226
Tel: (818)240-4130
Fax: (818)500-1737

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