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  Community Wire Features
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A directory of nonprofits which serve communities covered by CWIRE.COM: The Arroyo Verdugo Region of Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Northeast Los Angeles), other parts of California, and across the United States of America.  

  Community Wire now hosts free listings for over 400 nonprofit and community-service organizations which serve the Arroyo Verdugo Region and nearby parts of Los Angeles! Please help us to expand this directory! There is no cost to these organizations to be listed on CWIRE.
  • Alumni
  • Animals
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Business and Professional
  • Charitable
  • Civic
  • Education
  • Environmental
  • Faith/Religious
  • Government
  • Health
  • Historical/Cultural/Ethnic
  • Political
  • Seniors
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Women
  • Youth

  • Here's what Community Wire offers to local nonprofits:

    Community Wire (CWIRE.COM) offers a free listing (up to 6 pages) in the Local Organizations Directory to any nonprofit organization that benefits any portion of our local community (Los Angeles area).


    Why should groups register for a free listing on CWIRE?

    A free listing in the Local Organizations Directory means:

    • New! Advertising revenue!
    • advancement for the organization & its mission
    • more people will find the organization on the WWW
    • promotion of the official homepage to local people
    • better PR and visibility in the local community
    • free advertising of critical needs and volunteer opportunities
    • inclusion in CWIRE's Events Guide and (future) Community Calendar
    • exposure to potential members & donors
    • opportunities to solicit & accept donations
    • opportunities for collaborative projects and fundraisers
    • opportunities to display links to local people & organizations
    • opportunities to publicly thank sponsors & donors
    • opportunities to acknowledge volunteers & staff

    Please Help!

    Add a Free Listing | Notify Local Organizations | Sponsor CWIRE

    Please Add Another Free Listing!

    Add an organizationPlease send us the names and contact information of your favorite charities and service clubs, along with news of what they are doing to serve this community. There is no charge for posting non-commercial information on CWIRE, even if it benefits a for-profit company (i.e. news of events, fundraisers, or service projects sponsored by local merchants).

    Just complete this free registration form and press the REGISTER button! It's that easy! Working together, we can help the entire community to "get onto the web" and to make their webpages work for them.

    Contact local clubs and organizations

    More volunteers are needed to contact the hundreds of organizations in our area and request current information. Add an organization

    Contacts may be made in person, by phone/fax, or by email. (It's a great way to meet your neighbors and serve your community!) Please help us to improve this directory by adding/updating a listing for the benefit of all the organizations already listed in the directory and all the people who use this resource.

    Become a Sponsor

    Community Wire is made possible by the hard work of Volunteer Contributors, and by the financial support and partnership of CWIRE Sponsors. Advertising on CWIRE is an excellent value, and will directly benefit the charity of your choice, and indirectly benefit many others. Please consider helping Community Wire and all of the organizations listed here by becoming a Community Wire Sponsor. Please email Robert Marston for more information.

    Raise money through CWIRE

    Do you have a local business? Do you have access to quality products or services that would benefit residents or organizations in the Arroyo Verdugo region? CWIRE would like to talk with you about possible partnerships. Please indicate your interest or send a proposal to Robert Marston.

    Send us a "high five"

    If we're doing a good job, please show your support by sending us a "high five" $5 contribution -- a virtual slap-on-the-back for doing a good job. Hey, every little bit helps! Five dollars buys enough Little Ceasar's pizza to keep a teenage volunteer going for two or three hours! (Actually, we use this money -- along with Google ad revenue -- to offset the cost of software and site-promotion.)

    Thanks for your encouragement!

    -- Robert



    This information is provided "as is" as a community service and may contain errors. CWIRE cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this information. Due to the sheer volume of information and our limited resources, CWIRE is not able to thoroughly investigate each of these organizations or any claims made by them.

    This information is posted by CWIRE through the goodwill of volunteers and strangers. The organizations that are listed here have not necessarily seen or approved this information. Please report any errors or ommissions immediately to CWIRE with a registration/update form. Please help CWIRE to verify and update this information by e-mailing, printing & mailing, or printing & faxing these pages to their respective organizations for approval.

    This information is not to be used for commercial purposes. Inclusion in this list does not represent an endorsement by CWIRE or our friends, contributors, or sponsors.

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    CWIRE supports local charities by 1) helping them to create and promote
    independent websites, 2) promoting their events, 3) syndicating their newsletters and
    press releases, and 4) recruiting volunteers and donors in the nearby Los Angeles area.
    Please support CWIRE by advertising with us (or supporting those who do), by referring
    new merchants, by sending us information to post, and by telling others about CWIRE.
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