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The Dove Foundation
Visit the Official Homepage:

  The Dove Foundation
4521 Broadmoor SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Phone: 616-541-5000
Fax: 616-541-5006

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THE DOVE FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization established to encourage and promote the creation, production and distribution of wholesome family entertainment. The Foundation, free from commercial pressures, awards a blue and white Dove Seal to any movie or video that is rated "family-friendly" by its film review board.

Video retailers proudly display the Dove Seal in over 800 stores across the nation.

[Visit the Official Homepage]

Business, civic, religious and pro-family leaders nationwide have expressed support for the Dove Foundation and its seal of approval. They share Dove's concern for preserving the values of today's children, who will become the business, civic, religious and pro-family leaders of tomorrow.

The Dove Foundation is working with the entertainment industry to help them identify and serve people who are eager to watch high quality, wholesome movies. The Dove Seal makes it easy for customers to identify titles that are safe for family viewing. Consumers are casting their votes for "family-friendly" movies by choosing titles that display the Dove Seal.

Family ApprovedCWIRE has been rated
"Family-Approved" by
The Dove Foundation

CWIRE encourages you to
support the Dove Foundation
and encourage local video retailers to display the Dove Seal.

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