Organizations in the Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena area
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  Local Organizations Directory
Free Listings on CWIRE
Nonprofit Organizations in the Burbank • Glendale • Pasadena Area


What exactly do you get with a free listing?


A free listing in the Local Organizations Directory includes up to six webpages:

  1. Contact Page - A "quick overview" of the organization, its mission, and how to contact a representative (whether by mail, phone, fax, email, or webpage ...or all of the above).
  2. Directory of Members/Affiliates - This page allows organizations to list their board of Directors, members, and/or supporters, and to link to their contact pages on CWIRE. This shows the public who is involved, and reveals various affiliations between people and organizations. This can be very helpful in arranging collaborative fundraisers and service projects.
  3. Wish Lists - This page is where the organization may list all of the immediate and/or ongoing needs that they have, either for volunteers, for members, or for donations of money, equipment, or services.
  4. Annual Events and History - This page is where organizations may list more detail about their ongoing activities, such as annual events or ongoing projects. This is also a good place to explain how and why the organization does what it does, and why the community ought to care.
  5. Maps - This page provides a place to give driving directions and pictorial maps of meeting places, event locations, etc. Since maps generally take longer to "load" and "view" on the web, we separate them. It also allows organizations to provide convenient driving/parking maps which may be printed to paper.
  6. Photos - Photos are always fun to post and to share, and they help to give "life" to an organization and to its mission. But photos tend to take a long time to browse: we store them in a separate page which can be easily updated.


Storage Space Limitations: None (that's right -- none...and here's why). Hard disk storage space is cheap: CWIRE would rather store lots of good information (and then some) on CWIRE than to "skimp" on the information. Our goal is to be a comprehensive community information resource. If an organization's files become cluttered or outdated or confusing, they no longer serve their purpose. As long as the files on CWIRE.COM are helping the organization (and they do not violate CWIRE rules), we encourage their expansion.

Internet Access: CWIRE does not provide access to the Internet. We recommend using any reliable local company for Internet access and web-hosting. CWIRE's directory will link to your "official homepage" at no charge, just like the major search engines. For those organizations which which do not have a computer and Internet access, we recommend recruiting a local student volunteer, or simply "do-it-yourself" at one of the many Internet-ready computing facilities in the area. If your nonprofit or club does not have its own domain name (i.e. ""), we recommend that you register a domain name for $14.95/year or host your own website for as little as $6.95/mo.

Tutoring, Instruction, and Orientation: CWIRE no longer provides free instruction and orientation classes on a regular basis (for lack of facilities and volunteer instructors). However, other organizations are now providing free or low-cost instruction. CWIRE now lists several resources for learning HTML, and we are seeking to expand our listing of training resources.

Please Add Another Free Listing to CWIRE.COM!

Add an organizationPlease send us the names and contact information of your favorite charities and service clubs, along with news of what they are doing to serve this community. There is no charge for posting non-commercial information on CWIRE, even if it benefits a for-profit company (i.e. news of events, fundraisers, or service projects sponsored by local merchants).


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