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  Local Organizations
The Glendale Historical Society
Visit the Official Website:

  Glendale Historical Society
P.O. Box 4173
Glendale, CA 91202

Phone: (818)242-7447


The Glendale Historical Society (TGHS) took shape in 1979 when a group of preservation-minded Glendalians banded together to revive the then-dormant organization as a vehicle for saving The Doctors' House from the wrecking ball. TGHS led the grass roots effort to relocate this Victorian-era Queen Anne-Eastlake style house to Brand Park and to authentically restore and furnish it to its late 19th century appearance. The saving of the house, followed quickly by its relocation to the safety of Brand Park, and the subsequent restoration, sparked a momentum that has been the basis of some of TGHS' most notable achievements. With the city's Parks and Recreation Department as owner of the house, TGHS set out to institute a program of docent-led tours of the restored Doctors' House Museum for adults and children. These tours are still popular today and other events have been added.
The Doctors' House

The organization quickly grew and has sponsored many other programs and projects in celebration of Glendale's history and architectural heritage. Some of the TGHS activities have been: Historic neighborhood tours, such as Trip to Tropico and The Brand Park Tours. Presentations on various aspects of Glendale's history. Many publications, including a map of Glendale's historic sites. Live theatre at The Doctors' House Museum. Advocacy leading to the preservation and/or adaptive reuse of The Alex Theatre, the E.D. Goode House, the Grand Central Air Terminal, the Masonic Temple building, and The Glendale Federal Building, among others.

More recently, TGHS has assumed a high profile in advocating for the completion of an ordinance to enable the formation of Historic Districts so we can preserve our treasure-trove of period residential architecture in addition to commercial structures.

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