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  Organizations in the Arroyo Verdugos
Wanted for Questioning
CWIRE's "Most Wanted" Organizations


This is a list of local organizations for which CWIRE wants more information (see below).

Community Wire Service (CWIRE.COM) posts this "most-wanted" list so that you, our readers, can help us to find the information.

We're always looking for contact people, telephone numbers, brochures, events, etc. We also want to notify these organizations that CWIRE is here and available to help them connect with the local community. CWIRE works, and it's a free private service -- not supported by taxpayers!

Remember, CWIRE is a volunteer-operated service: we rely upon the goodwill of our readers and volunteers to provide us with information and links. Even though information may be readily available to the public through various channels, we may not know where it is, or who to contact for it. We do not have paid staff or reporters to track down this information. CWIRE needs your help!

Also, remember that many of these organizations do not yet have access to the web, and may not know anything about CWIRE. They may not even care about the Internet!

So please be sensitive and courteous when you call or write. Do not try to "sell" them on the Internet! But if they ask, please help them to understand the many benefits of a free listing on CWIRE, as opposed to just "having a webpage." There's a big difference!

You can point them to the Arroyo Verdugo Organizations Directory at for details. Or simply print the first few pages of the directory to paper, and then fax or mail the pages to them.

Remember: there's no charge for any of these organizations to participate in CWIRE and advance their organization. CWIRE is supported by volunteers, partner/client charities, and individual contributors. CWIRE is independently funded by private donations, local sponsors, and commissions from affiliate programs.

Thanks for helping to keep CWIRE services free to the local community!

If you have any info about these organizations, please enter it into this simple online registration/update form.

Note: the numbering of items below will change as the list is updated.

Search for an Organization:
  1. A Noise Within, Glendale (more info)
  2. AARP chapters (i.e. Chapter #1186, which meets at the Glendale YWCA
  3. AAUW branches
  4. Action Arts, Inc., Pasadena
  5. Action Now, Burbank 818-762-6462 (Environment)
  6. Activities for Retarded Children a United Way agency
  7. Adult Reading Program (818)548-6450
  8. Advertising agencies
  9. Aid Association for Lutherans, Glendale
  10. Afghan Hound Rescue (818)545-7519
  11. Akita Placement & Support (800)392-8414
  12. Alex Film Society, Glendale
  13. All American Heritage Foundation, Northridge(?)
  14. All Bull Women's Investment Club, Pasadena(?)
  15. Altadena Christian Children's Center a United Way agency
  16. Alumni Associations -- see the Alumni Section
  17. Alternative Schools of CA (Homeschooling)
    333 N. Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502
  18. American Association of University Women, Glendale Branch
  19. American Indian and Western Relic Show (Glendale Civic Auditorium) (323)770-4444
  20. American Red Cross - Burbank District (more info)
  21. American Red Cross - Glendale-Crescenta Valley Chapter (more info)
  22. American Red Cross - Pasadena Chapter (more info)
  23. American-Thai Institute Pasadena
  24. Americorps Volunteers - Glendale Community College
  25. Arcadia Child Health Council a United Way agency
  26. Armenian Music Awards (Alex Theatre 10/8/99) (818)486-4099
  27. Armenian organizations of all kinds
  28. Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena (more info)
  29. Arroyo Seco Foundation (323)276-8001
  30. Asian & Pacific Islanders Council of the San Fernando Valley a United Way agency
  31. Asian Youth Center a United Way agency
  32. ASIFA (International Animation Society), Burbank
  33. Authors and Writers
  34. AYSO Soccer
  35. Ballet Folklorico Azteca
  36. Basenji Rescue (818)761-7668
  37. Basset Hound Rescue
  38. Blair High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association
  39. Book Clubs
  40. Boy Scout Packs in the Verdugo Hills Council and other Councils a United Way agency
  41. Boy Scouts Los Angeles Area Council a United Way agency
  42. Boy Scouts San Gabriel Valley Council a United Way agency
  43. Boys and Girls Clubs a United Way agency
    Boys and Girls Club, East Valley
    Boys and Girls Club, Pasadena
    Boys and Girls Club, Rosemead
    Boys and Girls Club, San Fernando Valley
    Boys and Girls Club, San Gabriel Valley
    Boys and Girls Club, Santa Clarita Valley
    Boys and Girls Club, West San Gabriel Valley
  44. Brand Library Associates (818)548-2050
  45. Bridge Focus a United Way agency
  46. BPW: Business and Professional Women
  47. Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood Association
  48. Burbank Adult School
  49. Burbank Airport Authority (Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority)
  50. Burbank Association of Realtors
  51. Burbank Boxing Club
  52. Burbank Center for the Retarded a United Way agency
  53. Burbank Chamber of Commerce and all chamber members
  54. Burbank City Employees Association
  55. Burbank Community Diversity Taskforce
  56. Burbank High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association (Burbank High PTSA)
  57. Burbank Historical Society
  58. Burbank Human Relations Council
  59. Burbank Kennel Club
  60. Burbank Ministerial Association / Burbank Ecumenical Council
  61. Burbank Neighbors in Dialogue
  62. Burbank Noon Lions (more info)
  63. Burbank Police Department
  64. Burbank private schools
  65. Burbank public schools (more info)
  66. Burbank Tournament of Roses Association
  67. Burbank YMCA
  68. John Burroughs High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association
  69. Burroughs Vocal Music Association
  70. Business networks of all kinds
  71. Cable television providers
  72. California Soldiers' Widows Home Association, La Cañada Flintridge
  73. Caltech (more info)
  74. Caltech Entrepreneur Club
  75. Caltech Club Latino
  76. Caltech Y
  77. Center for Neurological Reprogramming (La Cañada)
  78. Centro De Recursos Para La Familia (Family Resource Center, The Sycamores), Pasadena
  79. Central City Community Outreach - A ministry of the Church of the Nazarene, Central City provides, among other services, an after-school tutoring program for children on skid row.
  80. Chambers of Commerce (more info)
  81. ChickClick (women/computers)
  82. The Child & Family Guidance Center (North Hills) (818)993-9311 a United Way agency
  83. Child Care Information Service a United Way agency
  84. Child Educational Center, La Cañada Flintridge
  85. Child SHARE, Glendale
  86. Christian Churches and other churches of all kinds
  87. Christmas in April, Pasadena
  88. Chrysalis - Chrysalis offers a wide range of job training and employment services.
  89. City commissions
  90. City departments
  91. City of Glendale, Community Development and Housing Department
  92. Clark Magnet High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association (?)
  93. Coalition for a Non-violent City, Pasadena
  94. Collie Rescue (818)398-8987
  95. Committee for a Clean and Beautiful Glendale (City of Glendale)
  96. Computer Clubs and Industry Associations
  97. Computer facilities
  98. Computer hardware sales & service companies
  99. Computer software training companies
  100. Covina Area Emergency Aid a United Way agency
  101. Cub Scout Packs in the Verdugo Hills Council
  102. Craftsmen (Pasadena Craftsmen Weekend 10/8/99) (626)441-6333
  103. Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce and all chamber members
  104. Crescenta Valley High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association
  105. Crescenta Valley Town Council (CV Town Council)
  106. CORBA (Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association)
    P.O. Box 784, Woodland Hills, CA 91365
  107. Cultural Heritage Foundation of Southern California, Inc dba Heritage Square Museum, Pasadena
  108. Don Tuttle Center, Burbank Parks & Rec.
  109. Downtown Women's Center - Women on skid row can drop in here for showers, meals, restrooms and mail services. The agency also provides permanent housing to dozens of previously homeless women.
  110. Duarte Community Service Council a United Way agency
  111. Eagle Rock Farmers' Market
  112. Earth First! - Los Angeles 818-569-5592 (Environment)
  113. Ecology Center of So. Cal. 310-559-9160 (Environment)
  114. Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley
  115. Ecumenical Councils
  116. Educational Communications
    Directory of Environmental Organizations
    ECONEWS Network -TV & Radio Shows
    Los Angeles 310-559-9160
  117. Educational resources of all kinds
  118. El Calvario Community Center a United Way agency
  119. El Centro de Accion Social a United Way agency
  120. El Centro de Amistad a United Way agency
  121. El Monte Youth Development Center a United Way agency
  122. El Monte/South El Monte Emergency Resources Association a United Way agency
  123. Electric Automobile Association of So. Cal., Pasadena 626-792-3210
  124. Elizabeth House (Family Hope), Pasadena
  125. English Springer Spaniel & Small Mixed Breeds Rescue (818)343-0360
  126. Environmental Affairs Dept., City of Los Angeles
    201 N. Figueroa St. Suite 200
  127. Environmental Health Association
    Chronic Fatigue/Chemical Sensitivity
    Los Angeles 310-837-2048
  128. La Escuela de la Communidad (School of the Community) (818)796-7618 (626 area code?)
  129. Ethnic organizations of all kinds
  130. Events -- see the new Community Calendar
  131. Explorer Posts in the Verdugo Hills Council and other Councils
  132. Family Counseling Services of West San Gabriel Valley a United Way agency
  133. Faith organizations of all kinds
  134. Family Resource Center (The Sycamores), Pasadena
  135. Family Service Agency of Burbank
  136. First Lutheran Church, Pasadena
  137. First Lutheran School
    1001 South Glenoaks Blvd. Burbank, CA 91502
  138. Foothill Family Service a United Way agency
  139. Foothill Ministerial Association / Foothill Ecumenical Council
  140. Fraternities and Sororities
  141. Fred Jordan Mission - This mission has a particular focus on mothers and children.
  142. Friends of the Los Angeles River ( (Environment)
  143. Friends of the Sierra Madre Dog Park
  144. Friends for Pets Foundation (Specializing In Sporting Breeds: Weimars, Goldens, Labs, Pointers) (818)767-5919
  145. The Frostig Center, Pasadena
  146. Fund for Wild Nature - Environmental Grant Foundation 310-477-3116
  147. Garfield Heights Landmark District, Pasadena
  148. German Shepherd & Belgian Malinois Rescue - Southern California (818)558-7560
  149. Girl Scouts, San Fernando Valley Council a United Way agency
  150. Glendale Association for the Retarded & Self-Aid Workshop (more info)
  151. Glendale Beautiful (new name?)
  152. Glendale BPW (Business & Professional Women)
  153. Glendale Chamber of Commerce and all chamber members
  154. Glendale CLEAN Committee (new name?)
  155. Glendale College Alumni Association
  156. Glendale College Foundation
  157. Glendale Community College (more info)
  158. Glendale Community College Jazz Band
  159. Glendale Community Foundation
  160. Glendale Family Service (Verdugo Mental Health Center) a United Way agency
  161. Glendale Healthier Community Coalition (more info)
  162. Glendale High School Hand Bell Choir (Spring Arts Festival 2000)
  163. Glendale High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association
  164. Glendale Historical Society
  165. Glendale Homeowners Coordinating Council
  166. Glendale Human Relations Council
  167. Glendale Model Railroad Club
  168. Glendale Motor Car Dealers Association
  169. Glendale Old-Timers Association
  170. Glendale private schools
  171. Glendale public schools (more info)
  172. Glendale Quarterback Club
  173. Glendale Religious Leaders / Glendale Ecumenical Council
  174. Glendale Rose Float Association
  175. Glendale Senior Center
  176. Glendale Sports Complex (Parks & Rec)
  177. Glendale V.O.I.C.E.
  178. Glendale Youth Coalition and members
  179. Glendora Welfare Association a United Way agency
  180. Granada Theatre
  181. Grandparents & Books (818)548-3999
  182. Greater L.A. Council on Deafness (G.L.A.D.) (213)383-2220
  183. The Greek Theatre
  184. GreenPeace - hotline: 310-287-2210
  185. Greyhound Rescue - Southern California (818)993-6322
  186. Harambee Christian Family Center (more info)
  187. Haven Hills a United Way agency
  188. HEAR Center a United Way agency
  189. The H.E.L.P. - Los Angeles Center for Therapy & Education a United Way agency
  190. Healthy Babies Alliance of Greater Pasadena, Inc. (Habibah) a United Way agency
  191. Heritage Park, South Pasadena
  192. Highland Park community
  193. Hillside Developmental Learning Center, La Cañada Flintridge
  194. Historical Societies
  195. The Hollywood Bowl
  196. Homeowners Associations
         ·Coordinating Council (More Info)
         ·NW Glendale (More Info)
         ·Royal Canyon
         ·Chevy Chase Canyon
         ·Glenoaks Canyon
      La Cañada
      South Pasadena
  197. Hoover High School Jazz Ensemble (Spring Arts Festival 2000)
  198. Hoover High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association
  199. Hoover High School Symphony Orchestra
  200. Hope Again (Hollywood) - services for at-risk women
  201. Immigrant Genealogical Society, Glendale
  202. Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) (213)894-2119
  203. Inner City Law Center - Focusing primarily on housing and benefits, the center offers legal services.
  204. International Cesarean Awareness Network of Los Angeles (Woodland Hills)
  205. Internet services of all kinds (more info)
  206. Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust - Southern California (818)894-8988
  207. Jaycees
  208. Jewish Big Brothers of L.A. - 6505 Wilshire Blvd., 6th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90048; Tel: (323)761-8675
  209. Job Listings
  210. Job placement agencies
  211. Jordan Middle School Madrigals (Spring Arts Festival 2000)
  212. Junior Achievement
  213. Junior League
  214. JWCH Institute - The JWCH Institute runs programs that provide medical services to indigent patients.
  215. Kidspace Museum (more info)
  216. Kiwanis Division 3 Clubs
  217. Kiwanis Division 3 Sponsored Youth:
  218. Kiwanis Division 10 clubs & sponsored youth
  219. Knights of Columbus
  220. Kultura Philippine Folk Arts Dance Group
  221. The L.A. Connection (626)449-9144
  222. La Cañada Chamber of Commerce and all chamber members
  223. La Cañada High School Chamber Singers (Spring Arts Festival 2000)
  224. La Cañada High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association
  225. La Cañada private schools
  226. La Cañada public schools (more info)
  227. La Casa de San Gabriel Community Center a United Way agency
  228. La Crescenta Library
  229. La Crescenta Women's Club, 957-9806, 248-2165
  230. La Vie Counseling Center, Pasadena
  231. Labor Unions
  232. Lake Avenue Church, Pasadena
  233. LAPD: Los Angeles Police Department
  234. Las Encinas Hospital
  235. Leaders for AIDS Awareness, Glendale
  236. Lifeline For Pets (Dogs & Cats) Pasadena/Southern California (818)286-6390
  237. Lighthouse Men’s Christian Recovery Home, Pasadena
  238. Lillie Perry Memorial Foundation for the Blind, La Cañada Flintridge
  239. Lions Clubs
  240. Literary Groups
  241. Little Tokyo Service Center - The center provides a range of social services, including family counseling. It also sponsors downtown housing projects.
  242. Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee
    Bicycling for Recreation - Transportation
  243. Los Angeles Catholic Worker - Catholic Workers say their mission is to "feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, care for the sick, clothe the naked, visit the prisoner." They run a skid row soup kitchen.
  244. Los Angeles Children's Museum & Club Eco
    310 N. Main St. Los Angeles 213-687-8801 (Ecology)
  245. Los Angeles Citywide Children’s Christian Choir, Glendale
  246. Los Angeles Conservation Corps
    605 W. Olympic Blvd. #450
    213-362-9000 ext. 204
  247. Los Angeles County Bike Coalition (
  248. Los Angeles Funeral Society, Inc.
  249. Los Angeles Mission - Offering everything from meals and shelter to medical treatment and drug treatment, this mission has served L.A.'s homeless and poor since 1936.
  250. Los Angeles Mission College Community Extension (818)364-7387
  251. Magazines (for the Local Media listing)
  252. McCambridge Recreation Center, Burbank
  253. Media agencies of all kinds
  254. Medical services and agencies
  255. MERCI a United Way agency
  256. Mercy Rescue Net Los Angeles Area Petinfo@Www.Aaarf.Org or Webtech@Www.Aaarf.Org
  257. Metropolitan Community Resource Center, Pasadena
  258. Midnight Mission - Even before the Los Angeles Mission arrived on skid row, there was the Midnight Mission. Founded in 1914, it offers everything from temporary shelter and food to longer-term housing and recovery programs.
  259. Ministerial Associations
  260. Missing Children Investigation Center, Burbank
  261. Mission West Association, South Pasadena
  262. Montrose-Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce and all chamber members
  263. Montrose Scrabble Club
  264. Mothers' Club (Mothers' Club Community Center) (626)792-2687 a United Way agency
  265. Mt. Washington community
  266. Music Circle, Pasadena
  267. National Charity League of Glendale (818)790-7453
  268. National Childhood Cancer Foundation
  269. Networking groups
  270. New Horizons, North Hills
  271. New Horizons Psychological Center & Family Child Care, Glendale
  272. Newspapers (for the Local Media listing)
  273. Neighborhood Animal Group - Silverlake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, Eagle Rock (213)663-5273; (213)661-6754
  274. Ninth Judicial Circuit Historical Society, Pasadena
  275. North San Fernando Valley Community Foundation
  276. Northeast Los Angeles community (Mt. Washington, Highland Park, Occidental College, etc.)
  277. Northeast Trees (Environment)
  278. Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena
  279. Occidental College
  280. Optimist Clubs
  281. Options a United Way agency
  282. Outpost Theatre Ensemble, Pasadena
  283. Outward Bound Adventures, Pasadena
  284. Pacific Clinics a United Way agency
  285. Para Los Niños - This agency aims to raise"at- risk children out of poverty and into brighter futures through positive educational opportunities" and other support.
  286. Parent groups of all kinds
  287. Pasadena Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependency (formerly National Council on Alcoholism and Pasadena Day Nursery for Child Development) a United Way agency
  288. Pasadena Mental Health Association a United Way agency
  289. Department of Parks & Recreation (programs, park addresses, facilities, maps, etc. for all local cities)
  290. Parent-Teacher Associations for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools
  291. Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and all chamber members
  292. Pasadena Church of Religious Science
  293. Pasadena Civic Auditorium Foundation & Friends of the Civic
  294. Pasadena Conservatory of Music
  295. Pasadena Day Nursery
  296. Pasadena Garden Club
  297. Pasadena Heritage Society (Save Pasadena)
  298. Pasadena High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association
  299. Pasadena Historical Museum*
  300. Pasadena Historical Society
  301. Pasadena Junior Philharmonic Orchestra
  302. Pasadena Lawyer Referral & Information Service
  303. Pasadena Ministerial Association / Pasadena Ecumenical Council
  304. Pasadena private schools
  305. Pasadena public schools (more info)
  306. Pasadena Senior Center - FOUND! (4/2000)
  307. Pasadena Showcase House
  308. Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association
  309. Pasadena YMCA
  310. Pet Orphans Fund
  311. Pepperdine University (more info)
  312. Pepperdine University Hispanic Council
  313. Phone Friend (818)409-8008; (818)241-KIDS (626 area code?)
  314. Pietro Rotondi Foundation, Glendale
  315. Political action committees
  316. Political organizations
  317. Political parties
  318. POOCH: Pasadenans Organized for Off-leash Canine Habitats
  319. Professional associations
  320. Prototypes - Serving "high-risk" women, Prototypes offers outreach and medical services.
  321. Providence St. Joseph's Medical Center: Home Health/Home Hospice Services, Burbank (818)843-5111, ext. 7061
  322. PTSA - 31st District a United Way agency
  323. PTSA organizations
  324. Private Schools in the Arroyo Verdugo area:
  325. Project ACHIEVE (more info)
  326. Project D.A.Y.-Diversion Alternatives for Youth, Pasadena
  327. Project YES
  328. Publishing companies
  329. Pug Rescue Southern California (818)795-3944
  330. Radio stations (for the Local Media listing)
  331. Real Estate agencies and listings
  332. Recycled Pets, Rescue, Rehab & Placing -- San Fernando Valley Randi Berger (818)986-0201
  333. Religious groups
  334. Rental Listings
  335. Rose Float Committees
  336. Rosemary Children's Services, Pasadena (818)351-0998 a United Way agency
  337. Rotary Clubs and sponsored youth organizations
      Glendale Sunrise
      Glendale Noon Rotary
      Rotary Club of Burbank
      Pasadena Rotary Clubs
      South Pasadena Rotary Clubs
      Rotary Clubs in the San Fernando Valley
      Other Rotary Clubs
  338. Rottweilers - Beverly Berger (818)765-5997
  339. Royal Canyon Property Owners Assn., Glendale
  340. RSVP - Seniors on Patrol (Glendale Police) (818)548-4015
  341. Running/Walking clubs
  342. Salvation Army, Burbank
  343. Salvation Army, Glendale (818)246-5586 (Thanks!)
  344. Salvation Army, Pasadena
  345. San Fernando Valley Conference and Vistors Bureau
  346. San Fernando Valley Interfaith Council a United Way agency
  347. San Gabriel Valley Learning Centers a United Way agency
  348. Santa Anita Family Service a United Way agency
  349. Schools of all kinds
  350. School Bond Oversight Committees
  351. Senior Centers and Clubs
  352. Service Clubs of all kinds
  353. Shadow Hills Presbyterian Church (Sunland) (818)353-2500
  354. Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) Southland Sheltie Rescue Inc. (818)996-1269
  355. Show Biz Kids, La Crescenta
  356. Small Manufacturers Association of California
  357. Social justice groups
  358. Society for the Protection and Care of Wildlife & Southern Council of Conservation Clubs, Pasadena
  359. Solheim Lutheran Home (Eagle Rock)
  360. Sororities and Fraternities
  361. South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and all chamber members
  362. South Pasadena High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association
  363. South Pasadena private schools
  364. South Pasadena public schools (more info)
  365. South Pasadena Rose Float Association
  366. Southland Regional Association of Realtors
  367. Southern California Basset Club
  368. Southern California Bicycle Coalition - Advocacy of Bicycling for Commuting 310-639-9348
  369. Southern California Chapter of the Appraisal Institute, Montrose
  370. Southland Regional Association of Realtors
  371. SPIRITT Family Services (formerly Project INFO Community Services) a United Way agency
  372. SRO Housing Corp. - This agency develops and manages housing for people who might otherwise be homeless.
  373. St. Finbar's Church, Burbank
  374. St. Luke Medical Center, Pasadena
  375. St. Vincent's Cardinal Manning Center - The center runs a skid row shelter as well as longer-term housing programs.
  376. Student Social/Academic Clubs
  377. Sunland-Tujunga Chamber of Commerce and all chamber members
  378. Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation (Shoah Foundation)
  379. Sycamores, The, Pasadena
  380. Take a Hike Committee (Agoura Hills)
  381. Teachers Unions
  382. Team APE, Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley (racing, road, cross country, down hill and track bicycling)
  383. Television stations (for the Local Media listing)
  384. Temple Sinai of Glendale
  385. Theatre of Hope for Abused Women
  386. TOPS: Take Off Pounds Sensibly
  387. Tree People - Beverly Hils 818-753-4600
  388. Tuttle Center, Burbank Parks & Rec
  389. Union Rescue Mission - Union Rescue offers an array of services, including food, shelter, medical and dental care, legal aid, mental health services,and job training.
  390. United Chambers of Commerce of the San Fernando Valley
  391. United Coalition East Prevention Project - An agency aimed at preventing substance abuse.
  392. United Daughters of the Confederacy, Burbank
  393. United Way
  394. United Way agencies
  395. Valley Economic Development Center
  396. Valley Family Center a United Way agency
  397. Valley Industry and Commerce Association
  398. Valley International Trade Association
  399. Valley Leadership Institute
  400. Valley Presbyterian Hospital
  401. Verdugo Hills Art Association
  402. Verdugo Hills Business and Professional Women (BPW)
  403. Verdugo Hills High School
  404. Verdugo Hills High School Choir (Spring Arts Festival 2000)
  405. Verdugo Mental Health Center, Glendale a United Way agency
  406. Verdugo Private Industry Council
  407. Verdugo Vintage Vehicles (818)352-4553
  408. Verdugo Woodlands Dad’s Club Inc., Glendale
  409. Victory Theatre, Burbank
  410. Villa Esperanza, Pasadena
  411. Villa Park Center, Pasadena
  412. V.O.I.C.E. (Glendale VOICE)
  413. Volunteer Center - San Gabriel Valley a United Way agency
  414. Volunteer opportunities
  415. Volunteer placement agencies
  416. Volunteers of America - With two locations on skid row, Volunteers of America offers shelter, food, clothing, vocational training, treatement for alcohol and drug addiction.
  417. VNA Care (Formerly Verdugo Hills Visiting Nurses Assoc.) Glendale a United Way agency
  418. Walking/Running clubs
  419. Water Districts
  420. Webpage designers and developers (to refer leads)
  421. Weingart Center - The Weingart Center provides services for the homeless and mentally ill, and is also a leader in the discussion of innovative solutions to homelessness.
  422. Weizmann Day School, Pasadena
  423. West San Gabriel Valley Juvenile Diversion Project a United Way agency
  424. Wilson Middle School String Orchestra (Spring Arts Festival 2000)
  425. Women for International Peace and Arbitration, Glendale
  426. Women's Athletic Club of Glendale
  427. Webgrrls-LA
  428. Women At Work - Pasadena, CA
  429. Women in Film
  430. Women In Technology - Los Angeles, CA
  431. Women's City Club, Pasadena
  432. Women’s Ministries Institute, Pasadena
  433. Women's groups of all kinds
  434. Women's New Media Alliance
  435. Word for the World Church, Glendale
  436. Writers (for reprints and original articles)
  437. YMCA's in the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleysa United Way agency
    Burbank Family YMCA
    (more info)
    Crescenta-Cañada Family YMCA
    (more info)
    Glendale Family YMCA (more info)
    Pasadena YMCA
    San Gabriel Valley YMCA
    Verdugo YMCA
    West San Gabriel Valley YMCA
  438. Young & Healthy, Pasadena
  439. Young Life and campus YL groups
  440. Youth agencies of all kinds
  441. Youth in Action (Red Cross)
  442. Youth Task Force, Burbank
  443. YWCAs in the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys a United Way agency
    YWCA of Glendale
    YWCA Pasadena/Foothill Valley
    YWCA San Gabriel Valley


Who are we missing? If you have tried to find a certain organization on CWIRE and could not locate it, please go ahead and add it to the Arroyo Verdugo Organizations Directory, entering whatever information you know. This will help our WWWolunteers to identify the organization and find more information for you.

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